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Best Dog Breeds for Full Time Workers

If you are in the market for a dog for the home, but are in need of a breed that can adapt to your usual daily life then consider looking ahead to the best dog breeds for full time workers.

Having a dog is a pure joy and the bond that you and your family will share with a dog is indescribable.

Regardless if you start from puppy years or adopt a dog in need, just remember that you are doing good and providing a safe shelter for a living being.

Caring for your dog can be a challenge with a busy life, fortunately my website has some tips for dogs with ailments with joint issues.

Dogs are amazing animals; they are loyal, adapt to your daily life scheduling, play with you all the time, snuggle you on your downtime TV viewing at night, and they even communicate to you.

If you consider what a dog brings to the overall household dynamic, it is easy to see why many people consider dogs as being another member of the family in the home.

Best Dog Breeds for Full Time Workers: First Know your Limitations

Before jumping into the list of the best dog breeds for full time workers, it is important to first have an idea as to what your life is like at the moment.

Are you young, in college, work full time, and have a pretty active social life?

If so then you need to have a plan designed as to how you will care for, interact with, and love your dog.

Simply getting a dog for your home just to get a dog may not be the right choice, especially if you are swamped all the time.

For many general families out there, full time workers have more flexibility when it comes to selecting a dog for the home.

For starters, if you are gone for eight to ten hours a day at work then you need to make sure you get a dog that is capable of being trained and who will not completely hurt themselves while you are away.

Fortunately, I have a complete list ahead of different dog breeds that are popular, common household dogs that full time workers can safely get.

A List of the Best Dog Breeds for Full Time Workers

Labrador Retriever

For starters here, the lab breed is the most common type of dog breed out there and they are known for a wide range of features that are conducive for the home setting.

Let’s look at what the Labrador retriever has to offer you and your family.

  • How they are with children. Labs are one of the best dog breeds for your home life and the best thing is you should have nothing to worry about if you have kids.  While you are away at work, the lab can help to keep your kids occupied and actually both the kids and the lab can wear each other down during the afternoon.
  • How are they when you are gone at work? There is always a chance that your dog could get into something while you are away at work, which means you need to closely train your lab upon bringing it home.  With proper training, your lab should be completely safe from hazards in your home and it can set up a great situation for any full-time worker.
  • Best Features. Labs have so many good features that it is hard to narrow it down.  Perhaps the best two features that Labrador retrievers have to include their playfulness and personality.  They are eager to interact with you the moment you arrive home from the office and they are some of the most personable dog breeds around; with many owners smiling while glancing at the next fun thing that rover does at home.

French Bulldog

In comparison of the larger dogs, the French Bulldog is a great companion in the home.

They typically do not grow to be very big, but you can expect them to be less than 30 pounds on average.

Let’s dive further into why they are good for full-time workers.

  • How are they with children? The answer here is yes and this is mostly because they are described as being easy going.  Sometimes kids can be a bit much to handle, but when you are away at work, you can be assured that the French Bulldog is good with children and should make a fine addition for your family.
  • How are they when you are gone at work? The French Bulldog is also known as not being very athletic and not as active as other breeds.  This is a good option for anyone who works more than the standard 40 hour work week as they more than likely will sleep throughout the day while you are gone rather than get bored and destroy your home.
  • Best features. Similar to the Lab, the French Bulldog has many great features, but the two best include their easy-going nature and they do not shed much (this is a great perk for anyone who keeps a tidy home).  Consider a French Bulldog if you want a gentle dog in your home while you are away.

Basset Hound

The Basset hound is an interesting pick for any full time worker and they have some great features that some working households need.

They are cute, medium-sized dogs that typically weigh less than 50 pounds and do not grow very tall.

Their distinct features are their big, long ears, which make them great listeners, but more will be on this feature ahead.

  • How are they with children? Basset hounds have been a great dog breed for ages.  They are great with children of all ages and this is primarily due to their patient personality.  If you are a full time worker with kids at home, consider a Basset Hound as a great option.
  • How are they when you are gone at work? Just as we noticed with the French Bulldog, the Basset Hound contains quite a few similarities.  They are typically low key in the home, meaning they sleep or play when needed.  When you are away at work, this makes for a great a combination because you can be assured that the Basset hound is dozing off throughout the day.
  • Best Features. As described above, Basset Hounds have large ears.  These are adaptations that make them dedicated guard dogs.  Also, they have a distinct bark so when they detect something that requires attention, you can expect a long howl or bark.  Consider the Basset Hounds as one of the best dog breeds for full time workers, especially if you have kids and want a guard dog.


The last dog breed on this list is a dog that is known for a wrinkled face, small stature, as well as their enticing playfulness.

Let’s take a look into how the pug is considered one of the best dog breeds for full time workers ahead.

  • How are they with children? Pugs are great with all humans of all ages, and they are good with children as well.  The American Kennel Club suggests that they are better with supervision around kids, but typically they are not known as being aggressors.  They have a fair amount of energy and can even display fun tricks when properly taught.
  • How are they when you are gone at work? The Pug breed is an energetic breed especially for their smaller size.  However, Pugs are great around your home while you are away at work.  Why is this?  While they can ben mischievous, they typically do things that display their energy levels only when you are around, so this is a great deal for full time workers.
  • Best Features. Perhaps the best feature the pug contains is their high energy levels.  This is not always enticing for households, but the small size and energy levels are a great combination for the breed.

The Conclusion on the Best Dog Breeds for Full Time Workers

Now that you have a complete list of some of the best dog breeds for the typical working household, now is the time to make the big decision.

Consider your usual work week schedule and what time you have to offer.

Once you have a good outlook on what you and your family can handle, consider the size of the dog you want, if they are good with kids, and what you can expect while you are away.

Consider any of the listed options above for your choice and if you are interested in more information regarding dogs, consider checking out my website further here.




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