About Super Whiskers

Hey everybody and welcome to my about page here at super whiskers. My name is Leslie and I am the host and primary writer here at super whiskers.

I decided to make this website due to my passion for all things related to pets. I mostly talk about cats and dogs on my website but sometimes I dive into talking about other pets as well.

In general I like to talk about different pet products including toys, brushes, feeders and lots of other products and as they relate to cats and dogs. I also have an obsession with talking about the different types of cat and dog food available. There is a lot of misconception regarding the ingredients used by a lot of these big brands in their foods.

I tried to clear the confusion by letting people know exactly how safe certain brands of cat and dog foods are and which ones are the best for the price.

If you want to get a hold of me, don’t hesitate to shoot me a message over a my contact page.


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