A Beach Holiday With Your Pet

A Beach Holiday With Your Pet

‘Beach life’ is not exactly ideal for your dog’s well-being.

However, if you’re cautious, and if you know how to to do things correctly, you can organize a quiet and peaceful day in the company of your four-legged friend even under the beaches’ umbrellas.

If you have a dog, you are fortunate since you can always carry him along with you.

In fact, it’s in a dog’s nature to follow his owner without making a fuss.

On the other hand, cats are much more territorial and like to enjoy our company in safe and well-known environments.

While dogs are happy to join us on adventures, cats are very unlikely to accompany us.

Things do not change when you’re on vacation, and, if anything, these differences are accentuated due to the stress caused by traveling and disorientation.

For instance, your cat could become more attached to the few things he still recognizes (he may decide to remain in his carrier, or may want to stay only in one room before exploring the rest of the house).

For the same reasons, dogs can become even more attached to their owners who – in their eyes – are their only source of security.

This means that if you go on holiday to the lake or to the beach, your dog will want to follow you to preserve his mental well-being. Moreover, leaving your dog at home is inconvenient.

One of the reasons that may discourage you from leaving him at home is that your furry one might start barking or crying the entire time that you’re out.

Undoubtedly, the neighbors would not be happy, and their vacation could be ruined.

On a more positive note, bringing your dog to the beach is a wonderful experience only if you respect certain conditions:

Before You Go To The Beach

Before You Go To The Beach

While You Are On The Beach

While You Are On The Beach

At The End Of The Day

At The End Of The Day

If your dog has gone into the sea, you should dry his ears immediately to avoid any possible infections.

If you have the opportunity to rinse them on the spot, do it with plenty of fresh water (otherwise, do it once you get home).

Rinsing the dog with fresh water causes the salt and the sand left on him to be eliminated.

Your dog will not have dry skin and bristly hair.

Pay attention to your pet’s eyes: they quickly get filled with sand due to running and playing.

Never leave your dog in these conditions.

Clean his eyes very gently with a damp towel. If you can, use eye drops.

What Should You Bring On A Vacation To The Beach?

What Should You Bring On A Vacation To The Beach

In addition to beach towels, umbrellas, and snacks, you will also have to think about what else to pack in your dog’s beach bag.

Before leaving for your trip, always take with you a first aid kit containing:

Our friend will always need fresh water, lots of it, so we will need to bring a bowl.

Alternatively, you can ask the resort at which you are staying if they can provide you with one.

In the hottest hours of the day, the most responsible thing you can do is provide your dog with a tent.

Yes, dogs can get sunburnt. Since dogs with a light-colored coat are more susceptible to getting burned, it is advisable to spread some suncream on his stomach, ears and other hairless areas.

Bring a leash and a muzzle. These must be kept in the bag and should be worn by your dog in special situations.

To dry your furry friend quickly, lay him down.

Also, it is a good idea to keep an extra towel in the car so that when it is time to go home, your dog doesn’t get all your vehicle dirty and messy.

To conclude, never forget to pack his favorite toys which he can use both on the beach and in the sea.

Tips: Getting Your Dog To Swim For The First Time

Getting Your Dog To Swim For The First Time

Here are some things to keep in mind when your dog is swimming.

It is important to make sure he is safe and happy at all times in the water.

1. Your Dog Swimming For The First Time

Who doesn’t like to have a beautifully refreshing swim while on the beach?

To prevent your bathing experience from becoming a nightmare for your dog, make sure you follow some simple rules.

First of all, if it is the first time you swim with your dog and if he is reluctant, you must have patience.

Throwing him into the water with violence is counterproductive since his natural instinct will be that of kicking you.

Moreover, he will perceive this as a traumatic experience and may not want to go into the water anymore.

Always proceed calmly and in small steps: not all dogs love to swim.

When your dog starts getting into the water, remain calm, and do not use a high-pitched voice.

Always use sweet words to reassure him. If he looks at you, smile, and don’t look worried: he is perfectly able to read our facial expressions.

If your furry friend is learning how to swim for the first time, you may want to use a safety jacket. This could be useful both for you and for your pet since it will help you feel safer.

2. Keep An Eye On Your Dog And Make Sure He Doesn’t Swim Too Far Out

When he goes for a walk, your dog loves to explore.

Similarly, your dog could have the same adventurous spirit even in the water: he could start swimming towards the open sea and could have difficulty returning (especially if the current is going against him, or if he is tired).

As his protectors, let’s make sure that our dog does not go too far, and when he does, let’s call him back to us.

Don’t have a nap while your dog is in the sea.

Moreover, if you are swimming in a rocky area, pay attention to any sharp or pointy areas where your dog could get hurt.

3. Watch Out For Sea Urchins

Beware of sea urchins, they are dangerous to humans, but are even more so for our furry friends, since they could brush against them while swimming.

4. Make Your Dog Digest Before Swimming

Just like us humans, dogs need to digest after eating.

If your dog does not have enough time to digest, he can risk seasickness immediately after a meal (especially if he is swimming in a river or a lake where the water temperature is much more low compared to that of the sea).

Make Your Dog Digest Before Swimming

Make Your Dog Digest Before Swimming

Choose equipped beaches: choosing beaches that are suitable for vacationers with pets are the best solution because they have everything that can be useful for your dog.

Some places have fountains and showers to remove any sand or salty water from your dog’s fur before going back home or to the hotel.

Furthermore, you will be around people who have or who love dogs enough to understand their needs and accept their presence. Here is a checklist of what you should take/do:

Tips On Going In The Water

Tips On Going In The Water
15 - Traveling with a service dog (button)
13 - Traveling with your pet when it’s hot (button)
1 - Introduction (Button)

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