4 Best Broom for Dog Hair in 2024 – Check our Fur-st place choice

Best Broom for Dog Hair

When it comes to keeping a tidy home with a dog, it is important to find the best broom for dog hair so that your job can be efficient and easy.

If you have a dog (even if it does not shed much), you should expect at least some hair spread out all over your floors from time to time.

Quite honestly, standard brooms that you buy on discount at the store and use in your kitchen simply do not get the job done with dog hair.

When a dog sheds a layer of hair, it is usually a natural process that they perform throughout the year in response to the season of the year.

In addition, some dogs could shed hair when they are malnourished or have a chronic illness.

Regardless of the cause, keeping a tidy home is something that does not come easy when you have hair to clean on the daily.

For this reason, I will present to you a list of the best broom for dog hair and some features of each.

In addition to the brooms listed below, please see my website for more grooming tips for dogs.

Assessing the Best Broom for Dog Hair

Each section will be dedicated to a number of factors including the design of the broom, the function or special features it comes with, cost, ratings, and an overall conclusion on why I feel it deserves to be on the list of best broom for dog hair.

EverCare Pet Mega Cleaning Rollers

Broom Design

This first best broom for dog hair on the list is a bit different from what you are used to when it comes to a broom.

It essentially is a large lint roller with a stick.

It comes with a large ten-inch roller surface, so this helps to cut down on time and energy when rolling it throughout your home.

The broomstick is adjustable, so you can make this as ergonomically friendly as you would like.

Special Features

The special feature of this broom is the sticky sheets.

Each roll has about 25 sheets and you simply peel one away with each use.

The sticky feature allows for strong cleanup and it is best used on hardwood and hard non-carpeted surfaces.

Cost of the Broom

The Evercare Mega Cleaning roller is a good bargain, as you get 25 cleanings with each roll.  It costs roughly $23 on Amazon and it can be found by clicking here.

Ratings of the Broom

This broom has good customer reviews thus far.

Of 40 total customer reviews, 65 percent gave it a perfect 5 star review and another 13 percent gave it 4 stars.

Overall, it comes in at a clean 4 star rating.


I personally enjoy the engineering and ingenuity of this broom because cleaning dog hair is not fun nor is it a fast task.

Using this broom can certainly help cut down time, but it has one limitation; it is not great on carpeted flooring (but no brooms are for that matter).

Regardless, consider this the best broom for dog hair in the rollers category.

Furemover Broom with Squeegee

Broom Design

The next best broom for dog hair on this list is the Furemover Broom, which is a suitable name for what purpose it serves.

It is designed with a rubber squeegee, which acts as a sturdy cleaner, especially if you have a wet mess.

In addition to having a rubber squeegee attached, the Furemover contains little rubber bristles that are designed to pick up hair with ease.

Special Features

Perhaps the special feature of this broom is that the little rubber bristles on the broom attract hair by collecting them through their surface area.

Like all brooms, this one is best on hard surfaces.

Cost of the Broom

This broom is a bit more of a bargain when compared to the previous broom above, but it also has some pretty cool features.

The standard broom is listed at $20 on Amazon here and if you want a broom and a small brush then the cost is only $23.

Honestly, shell out the few extra dollars for the brush because this will only aid in your cleanup at home.

Ratings of the Broom

In comparison to the previous broom above, the Furemover has considerably more reviews.

Currently there are close to 3400 customer reviews.

About 58 percent left this broom a 5 star review and another 14 percent gave it 4 stars.

Overall, this broom has a rating of 4 stars, which is similar to the broom prior.


So far if I were to make a choice on the Evercare and the Furemover brooms, it would be a close tie.

The Furemover has some cool features and it has more floor cleaning capabilities; however, the Evercare broom has powerful cleaning abilities in its sticky sheets.

Depending on your needs, I could go either way with these two brooms.

Pet Buddies PB5579 Furtastic Pet Hair Broom

Broom Design

The Pet Buddies broom looks more like a standard broom that you may be accustomed to, but it still has new-age vibe.

The small bristles on this broom are made of a special type of rubber that is designed to “roll” the dog’s hair throughout the cleaning process.

Some customers of this broom thought the hair would be picked up, but the rolling process of the Pet Buddies makes this a best broom for dog hair for sure.

Special Features

By far the special feature of this broom is that is collects, rolls, and brings hair to a spot on your floor.

Rather than dragging hair all over, the broom simply moves it to a spot for your collection.

Cost of the Broom

This special broom is a bit more expensive than the other brooms listed thus far, but do not let this deter you.

The special feature of moving the hair along the path is well worth the small investment and it can help to save you time each day in your cleaning.

It can be found on Amazon here and it costs $30.

Ratings of the Broom

The Pet Buddies broom is reasonably priced and the reviews are about the same as the other two listed above.

Of 260 customer reviews, 58 percent left 5 star reviews on Amazon and another 15 percent left 4 stars.

The overall rating of this broom is 4.1, which gives this broom the slight edge in the ratings category.


I like the other two brooms listed above because they offer unique features.

The Pet Buddies broom offers a similar vibe, but it also makes the cleaning process feel as though you are cleaning.

Collecting the rolled pile of hair may gross some out, but for others, it can be assuring to know you did a job well done.

The Universal Rug Rake Carpet

Broom Design

The final broom on this list is the Universal rug rake.

While it may appear primitive, the rug rake is designed to pull hair from your carpets and rugs, which vacuums sometimes cannot do.

While this is pushing a fine line on brooms and vacuums, the downside to this “broom” is that it is not good on your hard surfaces.

Special Features

The design of the rake, which includes small little points at the end of the pole, is perhaps one of the most unique in cleaning dog hair from your carpeted home.

Sometimes it can be a struggle getting hair from carpeted surfaces and this broom really does the trick for you.

Cost of the Broom

If you are interested in the rug rake then you need to consider one point.

It is advertised as being better than some vacuums at pulling hair from your carpet.

If this is the case, why spend the money on a vacuum.

It only costs $33 on Amazon and when you consider the cost of vacuums, this is a steal.

If you are interested in taking a look at this broom, please visit it here.

Ratings of the Broom

This rug rake has been reviewed by more than 400 customers and there are similar results in the reviews.

Of the 400+ reviews on Amazon, 59 percent gave it 5 stars and 19 percent gave it 4 stars.


I like this broom and it is one of my favorites on this list of best broom for dog hair, but I have one negative about it.

I wish it had more functionality on other floor surfaces.

The Conclusion on the Best Broom for Dog Hair

Now that you have some good information on different brooms above, now comes the time to make a purchase to make your life easier.

Honestly, I like the features of all of these brooms and selecting between one is tough.

However, each wins in different ways.

The Evercare broom is one of the most powerful on hard surfaces, whereas the rug rake is the most powerful on carpeting.

The Furemover has the most potential in its rubber squeegee and perhaps it has the most versatility, but the Pet Buddies broom closely resembles that broom.

The choice is up to you!


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  1. The dog hair lies on the sofa, it sticks to your sweater, it hangs in the carpet, and is somehow everywhere – even on your sandwich? If your dog sheds excessively, it is extremely uncomfortable for everyone. Thank you for the list of these brooms.

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