9 Best Cat Trees in 2024 – Your Kitty will Feel Purr-Fectly at Home

best cat tree

The feline species and cat trees go together like PB&J.

In fact, you may be surprised at the power behind the scratch.

In this article, we are not only going to explore the best cat tree for your individual pet but the facts, the fun, and some fantastic tips.

The Best Cat Tree For Your Feline Provides…

When cats embark on scratching they are doing so much more than just putting rips and frays into your furniture. Scratching is a normal and essential part of the feline species. Which includes:

Scratching for territorial marking. In the wild or cat colonies, cats will scratch objects to leave behind both the claw marks and their pheromones released from their paws. This is a “warning” to other cats that the area is already occupied by one or more felines.

Scratching for a stress-reliever. We humans may have a glass of wine or settle into a warm bath to relieve stress, but for cats, it’s scratching. This action allows your cat to release all those pent-up emotions.

Scratching for stretching. Cats love to stretch their muscles, a well-designed cat tree should allow your feline to stretch his muscles in a vertical or horizontal fashion.

Scratching for Kitty manicures. Clawing at a cat tree will help wear your cat’s nails down and also help shed the old outer nail sheath.

How Do I Choose the Best Cat Tree for My Pet?

When you are considering what the best cat tree is for your feline friend, there are a few key points to keep in mind;

  • The cat tree should allow your feline to reach up and scratch in a downward motion. For this reason, experts recommend the post being at least another half the length of the cat’s front full reach. Remember when it comes to the best cat tree, taller is better.
  • The cat tree should also have a sturdy base on it. If the cat is constantly knocking the cat tree over each time it uses it, Kitty will soon abandon the post altogether.
  • Find the right scratching surface for your pet. This could be anything from carpeting, cardboard, sisal, heavy rope or wood. Cats are individuals, so they will have preferences.

Tips For Getting Kitty Interested in the Best Cat Tree For Her

So you’ve purchased the best cat tree on the market for your fur baby, but what happens if Kitty is still more interested in the sofa than the cat tree?

Here are some tips to help you encourage your cat to use the cat tree.

Tip # 1 –  It May Be the Best Cat Tree, But It’s All About the Location

You may have purchased the biggest and best cat tree you could find, but if the location is all wrong, your cat may not use it.

As we discovered earlier, cats use scratching as a visual marker to all those entering into its territory.

It’s for this reason that most cats take to clawing at the furniture in the most used room; he wants all those who enter to know it’s his.

Placing the scratch post in the most used room will encourage Kitty to mark the cat tree instead of your antique table leg.

In addition, if you can, place the post directly in front of the object of your feline’s “affections” to encourage the proper scratching.

Tip # 2 – Make the Cat Tree More Enticing

If your cat has little to no interest in his cat tree, try making it more enticing by dragging a toy around it or over it.

Encouraging your cat into play-mode with the cat tree will help him associate it with a pleasant experience.

You may also want to try hanging an inviting feather toy from the cat tree to further the interest.

Tip # 3 – Catnip It Up to Make the Best Cat Tree Even Better

Catnip is highly intoxicating to some felines so let it work to your advantage. Try sprinkling dried catnip around the base or use a catnip spray along the height of the cat tree to get your pet’s attention.

Our Top Picks for the Best Cat Tree

Now that we’ve covered the facts and tips of the cat tree, let’s review our top 9 picks for the best cat trees on the market today. Number one is amazing!

Cat Haven Cat Condo

Cat Haven Cat Condo

Bring the look of a real (artificial) tree into your home and make your cat happy, too.

We’ve chosen the Cat Haven Cat Condo because of its unique design, which brings the outdoors inside.

Your feline friend will love playing in amongst the tough branches and silk leaves of one of the best cat trees out there.

It’s patented design provides your pet with three different carpeted platforms and a solid base to ensure it can take the play. It stands approximately 5 feet tall and will hold up to 32 pounds.

Style: 75%    Durability: 78%    Price: 75%    Overall: 76%

Check it out on Amazon!

Songmics Cat Tree Condo House

Songmics Cat Tree Condo House

Not everyone has the room for a tall cat tree, so Songmics Cat Tree Condo House may be a perfect fit.

Measuring in at just over 2 feet tall, this cat tree features both sisal and carpeted poles for those finicky felines.

The wide carpeted base will ensure the unit stays in place and the cozy hammock is sure to be your cat’s next favorite napping spot.

Style: 79%     Durability: 80%   Price: 76%    Overall: 78%

Check it out on Amazon!

Trixie Baza Cat Tree

Trixie Baza Cat Tree

Perfect for smaller cats and kittens – and for those pet parents who are short of space – the Trixie Baza Cat Tree may be just what you’ve been searching for.

It features 2 sisal-covered posts that each measure 20 inches tall.

The dangling pom pom toy will get Kitty’s attention and engage her in play while she learns the ropes.

For added functionality and comfort, there’s a plush hammock for your cat to relax in after a long play session.

Note: The Trixie Baza Cat Tree also comes in different sizes with added features.

Style: 81%  Durability: 83%  Price: 84%  Overall: 83%

Check it out Amazon!

Yaheetech Cat Tree Play House Condo

Yaheetech Cat Tree Play House Condo

With over 6 feet of scratching pole surface, individual levels, steps, and two separate hide boxes, this cat tree is fantastic.

The combination of carpet and sisal provides your cat with options to get that ultimate scratching experience.

The wide base will also ensure this cat tree stays in place.

Your cat will have plenty of places to explore and scratch with the Yaheetech Cat Tree Play House Condo.

Style: 83%    Durability: 84%    Price: 86%   Overall: 84%

Check it out on Amazon!

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo – Jungle Print

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo House

This made our best cat tree list because of its overall cat-appeal.

This unit stands just over 2 feet tall, so it’s perfect for smaller spaces.

The leopard print faux fur covers all the sleeping and resting areas providing a soft spot for a kitty to relax.

The sisal rope is a nicely textured surface for your cat to scratch at and the horizontal bottom post will turn for added playtime fun.

Style: 84%   Durability: 85%  Price: 87%  Overall: 85%

Check it out on Amazon!

New Cat Condos Cat Play Tree

New Cat Condos Cat Play Tree

If you want a cat tree that is less obtrusive, but still stylish, then this may be the best cat tree for your home and pet.

It stands just over 4 feet tall and features heavy-duty, thick carpet that resembles a jungle tree.

The added ribbing in the “trunk” will give your cat different layers of texture for a real-life tree experience.

In addition, the “leafy” platforms are also covered in thick carpet.

The sturdy base will keep the unit all intact and steady when your cat is jumping and climbing.

Although this cat tree isn’t a sprawling jungle gym, your cat will still enjoy all the benefits the New Cat Condos Play Tree has to offer.

Style: 86%   Durability: 87%   Price: 90%    Overall: 88%

Check it out on Amazon!

Go Pet Club Cat Tree “74”

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo

The best cat tree to take our number three spot is the Go Pet Club Cat Tree. It measures in at 74 inches (6.2 feet) and is covered in brown and black faux fur.

It’s got 8 different levels including the “cup” bed and hide box.

The main posts are covered in sisal for extra texture and the base is made from pressed wood to give the unit stability.

Plus, just to give your cat the feel of being outdoors, this cat tree has included a vine of artificial leaves.

It wraps from the base to the top platform to make this cat tree as stylish as it is functional.

Style: 93%   Durability: 92%    Price: 95%   Overall: 93%

Check it out on Amazon!

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

With 6 feet of scratching and climbing a fun, this may be the best cat tree for your best furry friend.

It includes 5 platforms and 2 hide-houses, all covered with durable plush carpet. The sisal-covered poles vary in lengths for any-size cat’s perfect stretch.

In addition, there are 2 sets of “stairs” to help boost those more senior cats or kittens just learning to climb.

The sturdy base will keep this unit standing steady to endure hours of playtime.

Style: 95%   Durability: 94%   Price: 97%  Overall: 95%

Check it out on Amazon!

Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo 

Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo

We are so pleased without number one best cat tree and we think you will be too. Made by Armarkat this cat tree furniture is second-to-none.

First of all, there are several different cat trees in this line measuring from 60 inches to 75 plus inches tall (5 – 6.3 feet) –  perfect for any size room.

They all include multi-level platforms and durable scratching posts with at least one hide-box condo for comfy naps.

Second, the different models each include their own unique features such as, hammocks, different toys, ladders, and tee-pee-style resting spots.

Third, you can choose which model suits your spacing needs best, from 26 to 72 inches wide, 27 to 53 inches long and up to 75 plus inches tall.

The top three rated models all have additional models within each price range. All are extremely reasonable for the quality and functionality these best cat trees have to offer.

You can buy one or mix-n-match from the 21 different options you have within the Armarkat lines.

These cat trees are made-to-last using durable wood, sisal and faux fur (in varying colors to match any decor).

Plus, the bases will keep your kitty safe as she jumps, climbs and scratches her new favorite play toy.

You are sure to find a cat tree that suits you and your feline’s needs. Here are the top three rated best cat trees (with their accompanying models).

 Armarkat 60″ to 70″ on Amazon

Armarkat 70″ to 75″ on Amazon

Armarkat 75 plus inches on Amazon

Style: 97%  Durability: 98%  Price: 97%  Overall: 97%

The Best Cat Tree – Say Goodbye to all Those Rips, Snags and Tears…

Getting the best cat tree for you and your feline friend is what works for you.

Our top picks are only some of the cat trees available for purchase. But regardless of which one you choose, you can’t go wrong by providing your cat with the mental and physical stimulation a cat tree provides.

And not only that, you can finally say goodbye to all those rips, snags and tears…

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  1. I need a 50 to 70 inch high wooden cat house.

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    sturdy does not tip over. it will be outside in our cat pen which is very big.

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