5 Best Dog Brush for Short Hair Breeds in 2024 – #1 has Pet-tential

Best Dog Brush for Short Hair Breeds

Dogs work quite a bit throughout the day to keep their hair clean, but sometimes it is the duty of the owner to supply a best dog brush for short hair dogs in an effort to maximize the cleaning effort.

Throughout the day, dogs roll around in dirt and other messy things, but if you have ever noticed, they spend a bit of time cleaning with their tongues.

This is their effort to groom themselves, considering they do not shower like we do.

If you want more grooming tips, check out my website here for more information.

Some dog breeds are blessed with long hair while others are short-haired breeds.

For starters, long haired breeds typically shed more often than the short hair breeds, but the shorter haired dogs tend to leave small hairs that can engrave into your skin.

For this reason, short hair dogs need to be groomed as often as possible, which is why you should look for a best dog brush for short hair.

Why Do You Need to Brush Your Short Hair Dog

Some owners would argue that short hair breeds do not need frequent brushings, but I feel this is hardly the case.

Short hair breeds have the ability to shed just as much as the longer haired breeds and Labrador retrievers are included in this list.

Labrador retrievers are known for having quite a bit of shedding and if you do not brush this breed often, you risk having hair spread throughout your home as well as on your clothes.

If anyone ever tells you that your shorter hair breed doesn’t need to be brushed very often then consider the factor of shedding into consideration.

How Frequent Should you Brush Your Short Hair Dog

The frequency with which you should brush your dog depends on a number of factors.

You need to consider how healthy your dog’s coat looks, how much shedding occurs, and if there is any knotting involved.

Depending on these three factors, you may need to brush more or less.

I recommend giving your short hair dog a good brushing either before or during the next bathing as a way to strip away all remaining loose hairs that exist.

Your home and your clothes will appreciate this.

Best Dog Brush for Short Hair Breeds

Now that you have a little insight into how often and why you need to brush your dog’s hair, now is the time to select the best dog brush for short hair breeds.

There are some factors to consider with each brush and of course you need to consider the price, the reviews, as well as the design of each.

I will present to you a list of the best dog brush for short hair breeds that you can easily find through Amazon, along with what I feel makes each the best out there.

Best Dog Brush for Short Hair: Slicker Brush Style

HappyDogz Pro Slicker Brush for Dogs and Cats

The first on the list of best dog brush for short hair breeds is a slicker brush.

A slicker brush contains many slim, fine bristles that look like small needles.

This type of brush is a standard and is a common seller among a variety of dog breeds.


The particular design of the HappyDogz slicker brush is quite usual as other slicker brushes.

It contains a wide brush head to help you get more with each brushing.  In addition, the handle is ergonomically friendly, which can help to prevent blisters due to frequent brushings.


Slicker brushes are usually a great deal when you purchase them and this one in particular only costs $19 on Amazon.

Included when you get this brush on Amazon is a dog grooming eBook to help you with your grooming techniques.

Reviews on Amazon

Now that you have the cost of the brush, now is the time to jump into what some of the customers feel about this brush.

For starters, there have been 677 customer reviews to date with 76 percent leaving 5 star reviews and another 15 percent leaving 4 stars.

Altogether, that is 91 percent of the customers who are quite satisfied with this brush and only two percent have left a bad review.

Overall Rating

The overall rating system for each brush will include grading system and since all the brushes listed on today’s list are some of the best, it will come down to fine details.

I give this brush an A because customers really enjoy it and so do the pets.

We all know that not every dog enjoys being brushed, but customers have stated that this brush has not had much of an effect on their pet and they love it.

I did not give it an A+ mainly due to its ability to break, considering it is made from really small and fine points that can easily break.

This is the only reported downside to the brush, but there were not many of these reviews left.  Consider this the best dog brush for short hair dogs.

Best Dog Brush for Short Hair: Pin and Bristle Combination Brush

GoPets Professional Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush for Dogs

This selection is a nice brush because it is a combination brush.

On one side of the brush you get the pins and the other side contains the bristles.

It is a two-for-one style brush and it is nice for short hair breeds and if you have multiple dogs at home.


The brush is unique in that it has a nice silicon handle that is filled with gel to support your hand for optimal comfort.

The ends of the pins have smoothed portions so that your dog does not get scratched.


In your search for a best dog brush for short hair breeds, it is important to find one that fits your budget.

While a brush is not likely to break the bank, it is never any fun to overspend on a grooming tool such as this, especially if you don’t have to.

For this reason, a combination brush like this brush may be best for you.

It costs $17 on Amazon, and it is as if you are getting two brushes for the price of one.

Reviews on Amazon

The reviews on this brush are pretty good.

There have been 230 customer reviews left so far for this brush and 71 percent gave this brush a 5 star, positive review.

In addition, 15 percent gave it 4 stars and only five percent gave it a bad review.

Overall this brush is reviewed nicely and fits the mold as a best brush for short hair breeds.

Overall Rating

This brush also gets an A rating since it is the best in its class.

For starters, customers have stated that their dog has slept during a brushing (which is quite extraordinary) while another customer found that it also worked on a cat.

It is multi-functional and for this it gets an A.

It did not get an A+ mainly because some have reported slight leaks from the gel handle, as well as some breaking of the pins.

The reviews were quite small for these parts, but overall it is a great brush to have and damage is expected to occur.

Best Dog Brush for Short Hair: Gloved Brush Style

Pat Your Pet 2-in-1 Pet Glove

Many people who groom their dogs tend to dislike the mess of the process.

You brush the dog and then all the hair ends up on your hands and it gets quite gross to say the least.

For this reason, some people prefer the glove style brush, which is described below in further detail.


This best dog brush for short hair breeds is exactly as it sounds in the name: it is a glove that you wear to brush and de-shed your dog.

It is made of durable material and contains soft and gentle bristles and massaging points that most dogs enjoy.

Brushing your dog with this glove is quite fun on your end and your dog should enjoy the gentle massage as well.


Considering this brush is a gloved brush, you would expect it to be more expensive than other brush styles, but this particular brush is only listed as $13 on Amazon.

Reviews on Amazon

Perhaps one of the best things about this brush is that it has been purchased often on Amazon and many customers have left feedback for your viewing.

About 2400 customers have left reviews for this glove and 62 percent have said it is a 5 star brush whereas another 22 percent gave it 4 stars.

This is pretty good for a glove brush and the best part is only five percent gave it a bad review.

Overall Rating

Ranking this glove is a challenge because it is a durable, practical way to brush your dog, but there are limitations.

Some have stated that the glove doesn’t work, but the style of this brush is no different than other massaging styles of brushes.

In addition, some have stated that the glove does not fit well, but this is something that is subjective, as the glove should be one-size fits most.

However, I personally like the glove style brush.

I would give it an A- only because it is not as highly rated as the other brushes, but do not let this deter you from getting it because, again, I really like this particular style of brush.

Best Dog Brush for Short Hair: Shedding Brush Blade

Safari Dual-Sided Stainless Steel Shedding Blade

The shedding blade brush is an interesting type of brush that looks more intimidating than it really is.

When you look at the shedding blade, you may thing that this is a torture device, but these types of brush blades are very functional for loosening hair and improving the coat of your short hair dog breed.


This shedding blade made the list of best dog brush for short hair breeds because of the practicality.

It is designed quite simple and there really is not much to the design.

It comes with stainless steel, a dual-sided blade that functions to rid hair from your dog.

Ultimately, it creates a healthy coat for your dog.


The cost of the shedding blade is nice, as it only is listed for about $8 on Amazon.

Other shedding tools typically run more, but this tool is basic and effective.

Reviews on Amazon

The Safari shedding blade has close to 400 customer reviews on Amazon, and the majority had good things to say about the brush.

A total of 73 percent of customers left a 5 star review and another 17 percent rated it 4 stars, which is a good review.

Even more, only three percent did not like this product, so take this into consideration when you make your purchase.

Overall Rating

I give this best dog brush for short hair an A because this is an easy to use tool.

Dogs do not always like the shedding blade, otherwise I would give it an A+, but overall, consider this an effective, cost-efficient tool to brush and de-shed your dog’s hair.

Best Dog Brush for Short Hair: Furminator Brush

Furminator Deshedding Tool for Dogs

Perhaps the most popular brush style for short hair breeds is the Furminator, which is specifically designed to help strip loose hair from your dog’s skin to promote optimal coat health.


The design of the Furminator is quite unique.

It contains an ergonomic handle that prevents blisters and discomfort.

In addition, the stainless steel blade is designed to collect dog hair.

Once you brush and collect hair, simply push a button, shake, and the hair falls right off.  Simple as that.


The cost of the Furminator depends on the size that you get.

The large size brush for medium-sized dogs and short hair breeds is listed at about $14 on Amazon, which is a pretty good deal.

Be aware that if you select the giant Furminator, your price jumps to about $46, so make sure to select wisely when you make your purchase.

Reviews on Amazon

This is the part where the Furminator really separates from the group.

There are close to 11,300 customer reviews on Amazon for this brush, which is significantly more than the other brushes combined.

Of this large customer review sample, 81 percent reviewed this as 5 stars and another 10 percent gave it 4 stars.

Of this large customer base, only three percent gave it a 1 star review, making this by far the best-reviewed brush on this list.

Overall Rating

Based off reviews alone, this brush gets an A+.

I gave it a higher grade than the others because this brush tool is very effective and it can significantly reduce the amount of shedding that your dog gets inside.

Not to mention, it really helps to bring a good shine to your dog’s coat.

The Best Dog Brush for Short Hair Breeds is…

It depends on your dog’s needs.

I like the Furminator brush to be honest, but if you want something more gentle then consider the glove brush.

If this is not an option as well, consider the combination or the standard as well, as both options do great work.

Lastly, you cannot go wrong in making your selection for the best dog brush for short hair dog breeds because all of the listed brushes above are of good quality and highly ranked.


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