Blue Buffalo vs Fromm 2024: The Paw-someness Of Both Brands

Blue Buffalo vs Fromm

Every pet food brand claims superiority, making it really difficult for a regular pet owner to distinguish facts from fiction therefore leaving our dogs and cats with foods and treats that is far from healthy and ideal, however, Fromm and Blue Buffalo are two brands you might want to give a try.

Not only have these brands been tested and proven, they have over the years maintained and provided recurrently improved quality canned, dry and baked dog and cat foods as well as treats.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview that compares both brands which will eventually help in guiding your choice of pet food.

During the course of this article you will learn the fundamentals of pet food composition as well how to pick the best pet food for your furry friend.

After you are done with this awesome comparison check out Fromm and Blue Buffalo here to see the different flavors and pricing.


πŸ€” Fromm vs Blue Buffalo FAQ

What is guaranteed analysis?

The concept of guaranteed analysis on pet food products is to assure purchasers of the precise nutrient content of each consumable. Emphasized by AAFCO, guaranteed analysis by food labels must meet certain requirements such as an exact value for the minimum percentage of crude protein and fat, as well as the maximum percentages of crude fiber and moisture on the basis of dry matter obtained. All of the percentages that I use in this comparison are averages of dry matter basis. Learn about dry matter basis here.
Which one has more protein?

Both brands contain roughly the same amounts of protein, whereas Fromm guarantees less than 1% more protein than Blue Buffalo across all foods except wet/canned cat foods.

Which one is cheaper?

The Fromm brand offers slightly cheaper dog and cat foods than the Blue Buffalo brand Whereas its wet cat food is more expensive.

Which one has more flavor?

Blue Buffalo offers a total of 339 flavors while Fromm provides only 84 flavors for both cats and dogs.

Which one has received more recalls?

Blue Buffalo has been recalled nine times while Fromm has been recalled only once since its inception.

Check out the current prices, recipes and flavors for Fromm and Blue Buffalo

βš–οΈ Fromm and Blue Buffalo Pros and Cons

Fromm Pros:

Fromm Cons:

Blue Buffalo Pros:

Blue Buffalo Cons:

😻 Types Of Pet Food

Product (Dog Food)FrommBlue Buffalo
Dry Food29 recipes85 recipes
Wet Food21 recipes101 recipes
Treats10 treats51 treats
Product (Cat Food)  
Dry Food12 recipes40 recipes
Wet Food12 recipes47 recipes
Treats❌15 treats
😻 See all Fromm recipes😻 See all Blue Buffalo recipes

Blue Buffalo has over 300 types of recipes and treats for dogs and cats while Fromm provides quite a number of dog and cat foods as well as treats but does not manufacture any treat for cats.

πŸ₯• Nutritional Value Comparison

Most pet food manufacturers include a statement of nutritional adequacy on their product label but this only tells you that the meal contains the minimum amount of nutrients needed to provide a complete and balanced diet.

However, only the guaranteed analysis stated on the product label furnishes you with the nutritional value of the product.

This analysis as demanded by AAFCO lists the minimum amount of protein and fats and the maximum percentage of fibre and moisture. Other times it could lists ingredients such as calcium and phosphorus.

FrommProtein(dry)Protein(wet)Fat (dry)Fat(wet)Fiber (dry) Fiber (wet)
Blue Buffalo      
πŸ₯• See more Fromm InfoπŸ₯• See more Blue Buffalo info

Apart from proteins, fats and fibre, the pet food also contains carbohydrates, vitamins, water and minerals.

Moisture Content

Dogs and cats often need adequate amounts of nutrients in their daily diet and water is obviously one component we must not overlook.

Many pet food products contain water indicated as moisture. Between dry and wet foods, the wet food products contain more moisture but access to clean and fresh water is more important.

Carbohydrate Content

Carbohydrate is the most important energy source for your dogs and cats. This nutrient provides simple sugar like glucose and complex sugars like fibre that aids the proper functioning of the intestinal system.

Although there is no specific required amount of carbohydrates for dogs and cats, the presence of carbohydrates in a pets’ diet allows the protein content of the diet to carry out other important functions.

Vitamin and Mineral Content

Vitamins and minerals are two nutrients, though required in minute quantities, that are inevitable in dog and cat diets.

While vitamins are needed to carryout out catalytic functions in chemical reactions that occurs in the tissues and cells of our pets, minerals are mostly needed as components of bones and teeth.

πŸ’° Price Comparison

In comparing the cost of pet foods, the average cost-per-kcal (which calculates only the dry matter of the food) and average cost-per-lb (which calculates the dry matter and moisture content of the food) metrics are employed.

Dog FoodFromm (dry)Fromm (wet)Blue Buffalo (dry)Blue Buffalo (wet)
Per pound$2.37$4.08$2.61$4.29
Per calorie$0.0014$0.00990.0016$0.0088
Cat FoodFromm (dry)Fromm (wet)Blue Buffalo (dry)Blue Buffalo (wet)
Per pound$3.75$6.61$3.88$5.54
Per Calorie$0.0020$0.0145$0.0023$0.0112
πŸ’° See the best Fromm recipesπŸ’° See the best Blue Buffalo recipes

Using both metrics in comparing the costs of each brand, Blue Buffalo has more expensive dry foods and less expensive wet foods than the Fromm brand except for wet dog foods where Fromm charges more than Blue Buffalo (average cost-per-lb).

🀀 Ingredients and Flavors


The Fromm pet food brand has an aggregate of 50 flavors for dog foods, 10 flavors for dog treats, 24 for cat foods with no flavor for cat treats.

These flavors are a result of the carefully selected and high quality ingredients such as chicken meal, duck, chicken, chicory root, alfalfa meal, garlic powder, beet pulp, pea protein, oatmeal, brown rice, pearled barley, probiotics and other.

Popular Flavors

  • Shredded beef in gravy
  • Salmon A-la- Veg
  • Salmon tuna pate
  • Chicken, Duck, and salmon pate

Blue Buffalo

The Blue Buffalo Brand offers 186 flavors for dog foods, 51 flavors for dog treats, 87 flavors for cat foods and 15 flavors for cat treats.

The premium quality meat and LifeSource chunks obtained from the fruits and vegetables used by this brand is what makes it stand out among other brands.

The brand also uses single animal protein source such as pea protein, digestible carbohydrates, caramel color, canola oil, dried tomato pomace, powdered cellulose, garlic, pumpkin, minerals, vitamins and others.

Popular flavors

  • shepherd pie
  • chicken and trout in gravy
  • chicken wild bites for dogs
  • chicken and cheddar
  • chicken and trout

Check out the current Fromm and Blue Buffalo recipes here

🏑 About Fromm and Blue Buffalo

Fromm Information

Fromm pet food Brand produces more than just a protein-rich diet, but also grain-free meals for dogs and cats. The brand has one of the highest fresh meat inclusions of dog or cat foods.

Fromm is owned and operated by a family based American company called Fromm Family Pet Foods, whose headquarters is in Mequon, Wisconsin. The company has a distribution network across Canada, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Denmark, and Germany. 

This brand offers dry low-fat treat for dogs and cats and some of its popular products are Heartland Gold Large Breed Puppy, Adult Gold, Small Breed Adult Gold, Weight Management Gold, Reduced Activity & Senior Gold, Chicken & Salmon PΓ’tΓ©, Duck Γ€ La Veg PΓ’tΓ©, Turkey and Pumpkin PΓ’tΓ©, and others.

Blue Buffalo Information

The brand is passionately dedicated to the art of designing the best quality, natural foods and treats for our furry friends.

The pet food brand is owned and operated by the Blue Buffalo Company situated in Wilton, Connecticut, United States. The company has several manufacturing plants and distribution points that stretches from Canada to Japan and Mexico.

Blue Buffalo designs, manufactures, and sell dog and cat food with five product line names, BLUE Natural Veterinary Diet, BLUE Life Protection Formula, BLUE Basics, BLUE Freedom, and BLUE Wilderness.

πŸ™€ Product Safety and Recalls through History

Companies make scheduled recalls on products that may have a foreseen defect or safety issues. The importance of a recall is to conduct further safety tests in order to effect changes to product to ensure that it is safe for use.

Fromm Recalls

  • 14th March, 2016 – Wrong vitamins and minerals

Blue Buffalo Recalls

  • 25th November, 2015 – Salmonella
  • 6th November, 2015 – Propylene Glycol contamination
  • 31st May, 2016 – Mold growth on some products
  • 18th March, 2017 – Increased beef thyroid hormone
  • 14th February, 2017 – Aluminum contamination
  • 3rd March, 2017 – Foil Seal Packaging complications
  • 8th October, 2010 – Inapposite amounts of vitamin D
  • 19th April, 2007 – Presence of Melamine
  • 26th April, 2007 – Presence of Melamine

πŸ† Fromm Vs Blue Buffalo: And the winner goes to…

It has been an exciting exercise comparing both brands because they have lots of features to offer our furry family member.

Fromm has stood out as a brand of choice on the basis of nutritional value, product safety and price, however the Blue Buffalo brand has lots of flavors and equally good nutritional contents as well as price. The diversity of Blue Buffalo for all age levels and the affordability of the brand makes it our top choice for this comparison.

Pet food FeaturesBrand Choice
Most cost effectiveBoth
Best recipe for puppiesBoth
Gluten free foodBlue Buffalo
Best recipes for large breed dogsBlue Buffalo
Probiotic rich mealsFromm
Grain free recipesFromm and Blue Buffalo
Best recipes for highly active petsBlue Buffalo
Best recipes for weight managementFromm
Best recipes for small breed dogsFromm
High carbohydrate, fibre and protein contentFromm


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