Fromm vs Taste of the wild 2024: A Tail of two cities

Taste of the wild vs Fromm

Taste, nutritional value, and safety is everything when it comes to purchasing the finest brand of pet food for your canine of feline.

The richness of flavor must meet up with nutritional requirements.

So, for pet owners who are searching for a go-to brand for their pet’s nutritional needs or perhaps you need a change from the boring old barf chunks you have been feeding your pet and desire a total change.

During the course of this article we will answer all your pet food related questions on nutritional value. You will also learn the key elements to look out for when purchasing a pet food brand.

We have the latest in-depth and most accurate information on various pet food brands and comparisons to enable you make a healthy and smart choice for your pet.

let’s see what edge both brands have over one another shall we?

After you are done with this awesome comparison check out Taste of the wild and Fromm here to see the different flavors and pricing.


🤔 Taste of the wild vs Fromm FAQ

What is guaranteed analysis?

The concept of guaranteed analysis on pet food products is to assure purchasers of the precise nutrient content of each consumable. Emphasized by AAFCO, guaranteed analysis by food labels must meet certain requirements such as an exact value for the minimum percentage of crude protein and fat, as well as the maximum percentages of crude fiber and moisture on the basis of dry matter obtained. All of the percentages that I use in this comparison are averages of dry matter basis. Learn about dry matter basis here.

What are probiotics and how are they helpful for my pet?

Probiotics are substances that improve the digestive systems of our pets and boost their immune system by regulating microbial activities and nutrient distribution.

Which one has more protein?

The taste of the wild has more protein content with a difference of 3.2% for dry dog food, 4.5% for wet dog food, and 3.6% for dry cat food while Fromm leads with 1.3% on wet cat food.

Which is Cheaper?

Fromm is generally more expensive than taste of the wild on both dog and cat food.

Which one has more flavors?

The Fromm brand has a significantly wider variety of flavors and recipes than Taste of the wild for both wet and dry dog and cat food.

Which one has had more recalls?

Both taste of the wild and Fromm have been recalled one for safety reasons.

How much pet food can one feed their pet?

There are feeding guidelines listed on every pet food package. Feeding style can be adjusted to suit your pet’s requirement depending on age, activity level of pet, breed, and other factors.

How do I transition my pet’s food?

Transitions should be slow and spread out over a period of 7-10 days, starting with 25% of new product and 75% portion of the old. This can be maintained for 2-3 days before increasing portions of the new pet food simultaneously.

Check out the current prices, recipes and flavors for Taste of the wild and Fromm

⚖️ Taste of the wild and Fromm Pros and Cons

Taste of the wild Pros:

Taste of the wild Cons:

Fromm Pros:

Fromm Cons:

😻 Types Of Pet Food

Product (Dog Food) Fromm Taste of the Wild
Wet Food 21 recipes 5 recipes
Dry Food 29 recipes 9 recipes
Treats 10 recipes
Product (Cat Food)    
Wet Food 12 recipes 2 recipes
Dry Food 12 recipes 2 recipes
😻 See all Fromm recipes😻 See all Taste of the wild recipes

It can be observed that Fromm has a wider variety of food type compared to taste of the wild.

🥕 Nutritional Value Comparison

Taste of the wild makes quite an impression with its nine different high-quality pet food widely used for its exceptional taste and nutritional benefits while the Fromm brand is known for its surplus food varieties.

Both brands are unique in their own way and contain essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins that is required for the health and vitality of our pets.

Lack of proper nutrients can present with various health issues due to deficiencies. This is the reason for the enforcement of guaranteed analysis reports by the AAFCO.   

Here is a comparison on the nutritional value for dogs and cats.

Fromm Protein(wet) Protein(dry) Fat (wet) Fat(dry) Fiber (wet) Fiber (dry)
Dog 41.1% 28.7% 21.9% 16.6% 6.3% 6.6%
Cat 45.1% 37.5% 24.4% 19.2% 6.4% 5.3%
Taste of the wild            
Dog 45.6% 31.9% 22.2% 18.0% 5.6% 5%
Cat 44.4% 41.1% 16.7% 18.9% 8.3% 3.3%
🥕 See more Fromm info🥕 See more Taste of the wild info

Essential nutrients such as Protein, Fat, and Fiber are essential for our pet’s health. Here are some important benefits;

Crude Protein content

Protein Is essential for growth, development, and building of tissues. as seen in the table, taste of the wild contains more protein than Fromm.

Crude Fat Content

Fats are extremely beneficial as they enable the production of prostaglandins, a necessary component for bodily functions and reduction of inflammation.

Fat improves your pet’s skin and fur coat and absorbs and processes fat-soluble vitamins. It mitigates yeast infections in cats and helps to regulate their blood pressure.

Both products have almost the same amount of fat, however, Fromm takes the lead with a 7.77% excess.

Crude Fiber

Fiber mitigates digestive issues as well as other gastrointestinal problems. Both products however, have same quantities of fiber.

💰 Price Comparison

The two metrics used here in comparing prices are cost-per- pound (lb) and cost-per-calorie(kcal). However, due to the presence of moisture in wet foods the measure of food component may be inaccurate so the better metric to use is the cost-per-calorie (kcal) which measures food amounts in dry matter.

Dog Food Fromm (dry) Fromm (wet) TOTW (dry) TOTW (wet)
Per pound $2.37 $4.08 $1.86 $2.79
Per calorie $0.0014 $0.0099 $0.0011 $0.0060
Cat Food Fromm (dry) Fromm (wet) TOTW (dry) TOTW (wet)
Per pound $3.75 $6.61 $2.29 $4.26
Per Calorie $0.0020 $0.0145 $0.0013 $0.0100
💰 See the best Taste of the wild prices💰 See the best Fromm Prices

🤤 Ingredients and Flavors

Taste of the Wild

Taste of the wild comes in various flavours from natural proteinsources, formulated to give your pet a healthy nutrition. Its ingredients include bison, lamb meal, roasted Venison, egg products, chicken, sweet potatoes, Canola oil, peas, natural flavor, blue berries, tomatoes, raspberries, ocean fish meal, and a myriad of vitamins and minerals.


The Fromm brand plays it safe on protein levels, however, it uses novelty protein diets such as salmon, lamb, duck, white fish, and other sources to provide a healthy meal.

Prebiotic, probiotics, multivitamins and minerals are top priority as well as fatty acids for hormone and brain development and regulation.

Check out the current Taste of the wild recipes and Fromm recipes here

🏡 About Taste of the wild and Fromm

Taste of the wild Information

The US-based pet food brand is a family owned business with branches in Missouri, Arkansas, California and south California.

Resolved to become a leading brand, the TOTW manufactures 5 different types of canned food for canines and varieties of feline dried and canned meals.

Its flavors are best suited to puppies, adult dogs, pregnant and lactating dogs, selective eaters, large and small breeds, as well as working dogs.

Popular Flavors

  • Lamb in gravy
  • Grain-free roasted venison and smoked salmon
  • Roasted venison and bison
  • Grain-free dry dog food with roasted duck

Fromm Information

The Fromm brand started in 1904 as a family brand and since then has soared its way to Winsconson’s own pet food favorite.

The brand is renowned for its unmatched gourmet feast that can match the best pet foods in the industry. Its manufacturing facilities are based in Wisconsin and Columbus.  

Popular flavor

  • Salmon and chicken
  • Chicken and duck pate
  • Shredded beef in gravy

🙀 Product Safety and Recalls through History

Companies make scheduled recalls on products that may have a foreseen defect or safety issues. The importance of a recall is to conduct further safety tests in order to effect changes to product to ensure that it is safe for use.

Taste of the wild Recalls

Recalled once on May 5th 2012 for risk of Salmonella

Fromm Recalls

Recalled once on March 14th 2016 due to error in documenting Vitamins and Minerals content.

🏆 Taste of the wild Vs Fromm: And the winner goes to…

Both Taste of the wild and Fromm pet food are great meals for pets and have both had one recall in history.

Taste of the wild has more protein content which is a most essential characteristic for pets. Taste of the wild is also cheaper. Well, this leads us to a conclusion.

If you want Then you should choose
Higher levels of protein Taste of the wild
A cost effective option Taste of the wild
A wider variety of flavors and ingredients Fromm
Safety, based on number of recalls Both Brands
A balanced diet for all age levels Both brands


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