Hills Science Diet vs Iams: Fur-rensic pet food comparison 2024

Hills Science Diet vs Iams

Making the right choice for pet food can not be as simple as guessing or selecting the product with the more colorful pack. You need to be informed about brands and ingredients as well as nutritional value in order to be certain of what you are looking for on a pet food label.

If you are looking to make a change to something more palatable for your canine or feline and you require nothing but the best of the best then you have come to the right place. Allow us to introduce to you two great brands, Iams and Hill Science Diet. Here is everything you need to know about them.

By the end of this article you would have fully grasped the differences in pet food brands, what to look out for while making a purchase for pet food, and how to make the right choice in terms of flavor, ingredients, price checks as well as the best places to get Iams and Hill’s Science Diet at the most affordable price.

After you are done with this awesome comparison check out Hill’s Science Diet and Iams here to see the different flavors and pricing.


🤔Iams vs Hill’s Science Diet FAQ

What is guaranteed analysis?

The concept of guaranteed analysis on pet food products is to assure purchasers of the precise nutrient content of each consumable. Emphasized by AAFCO, guaranteed analysis by food labels must meet certain requirements such as an exact value for the minimum percentage of crude protein and fat, as well as the maximum percentages of crude fiber and moisture on the basis of dry matter obtained. All of the percentages that I use in this comparison are averages of dry matter basis. Learn about dry matter basis here.
Which one has more protein?

Iams provides a significantly higher amount of protein, especially in the wet food group where it provides almost double the amount of protein contained in Hill Science Diet. While the Hill science brand still provides adequate protein for pet diet.

Which one is cheaper?

Iams is cheaper than Hill Science Diet whereas in the wet cat food category it may cost just a little higher. The difference in this category is small.

Which one has more flavors?

While both brands have a lot of flavors on their list, Hill Science diet leads in this category. It has 134 flavors whereas Iams has a total of 80 flavors.

Which one has had more recalls?

Iams has been recalled more times than Hill Science Diet. Iams has been recalled twice whereas Hill Science Diet has been recalled once

Check out the current prices and recipes, flavors for Hill’s Science Diet and Iams

⚖️Iams and Hill’s Science Diet Pros and Cons

Iams Pros:

  • Brand has been existent for long
  • Moderately priced
  • Protein-rich ingredients

Iams Cons:

  • Uses corn which may cause indigestion
  • History of Recall
  • Complaints of digestive problems

Hill’s Science Diet pros:

  • Easily digestible meals
  • No artificial colors or preservatives
  • Variety of formulas

Hill’s Science Diet cons:

  • Contains grain and gluten
  • Major recall
  • Not all ingredients are protein-based

😻 Types Of Pet Food for Iams and Hill’s Science Diet

ProductHill’s Science DietIams
Dry Dog Food32 Recipes28 Recipes
Wet Dog Food30 Recipes10 Recipes
Dog Treats15 Treats
Dry Cat Food18 Recipes14 Recipes
Wet Cat Food39 Recipes31 Recipes
Cat Treats2 Treats
😻 See all Hill’s Science Diet recipes 😻 See all Iams recipes

Both brands have an impressive range of flavors. The table clearly shows that Hill Science Diet contains more recipes that Iams. Hill Science Diet has no cat treats and iams has no dog treats either.

🥕 Nutritional Value Comparison

Food must not only be savory, it should also profit the body and fulfill health requirements.

For our canine and feline friends, food is not just a luxury, it is a health supplement.

Hence, their food must be rich in specific, essential nutrients.

These essential nutrients as approved by AAFCO are protein, fat, fiber and many others.

These nutrients help to build up the body, organs, cells, tissues, ligament, skin, nails of our pets.

A deficiency of these nutrients will lead to health issues, this is why it is important that they are available in the right proportion.

The table below provides a breakdown of these nutrients and the proportion each brand has in their meals.

Dry Cat FoodHill’s Science DietIams
Crude Protein35.2%36.2%
Crude Fat18.5%16.8%
Crude Fiber5.8%4.3%
Wet/Canned Cat FoodHill’s Science DietIams
Crude Protein38.5%50.5%
Crude Fat22.0%19.0%
Crude Fiber4.4%14.7%
Dry Dog FoodHill’s Science DietIams
Crude Protein24.5%27.4%
Crude Fat14.8%14.6%
Crude Fiber4.3%5.1%
Wet/Canned Dog FoodHill’s Science DietIams
Crude Protein25.8%42.0%
Crude Fat17.1%24.0%
Crude Fiber3.3%5.8%
🥕 See more Hill’s science Diet info🥕 See more Iams info

As the table illustrates, Iams is significantly richer in protein than Hill Science Diet.

Although Hill Science, has more fat content than iams except in the wet dog food category, Iams still trumps with more fiber content.

Protein Content

Protein is a major source of some essential amino acids.

Our pets cannot sufficiently generate these essential nutrients so they need food to make up the required amount of nutrients.

Protein protects your pets body and gives them a healthy skin coat.

Healthy skin isn’t prone to wounds and infections.

Some experts describe protein as “building blocks of life”; to say the least, your pets need protein to stay alive.

Fat Content

Do you consider it strange that your pets need fat? Well, don’t.

You need to know that fat isn’t that nutrient that will stop your pet’s heart. That’s a human problem.

Literally, dietary fat is a heart of energy, your pets access energy from fat, use it up, before protein and carbohydrate starts to work.

A good amount of fat in their body equals great metabolism.

Fat ensures that healthy recipe tastes as appealing also so, you don’t have to worry about their appetite, if there is the right amount of fat in it.

Fat must be portion-controlled, any meal that has excess fat can really make your pet overweight so they must consume in moderation.

Fiber Content

Fiber helps with consistency in bowel movement so that indigestion will not be a source of discomfort for your pet.

Apart from aiding digestion, fiber helps with weight loss because it adds bulk that encourages satiety without adding extra calories.

Fiber helps the colon repair itself when there are irregularities and this greatly reduces the risk of colon cancer. It also guards against diseases like diabetes.

💰 Price Comparison for Iams vs Hill’s Science Diet

You cannot own a pet if you do not love them.

Your resources are tools to reinforce your love for them.

You must have a budget plan as this is central your decision to choose a brand or otherwise.

Drawing up a budget for your pet food is important so you have to understand the intricacies involved.

There are two metrics available, you may use cost per pound (lb) or per k calorie (kcal). Usually, costing per calorie is recommended because you get to measure costs without including the excesses of moisture content.

Below is the cost of both brands using both metrics.

Dry Dog FoodHill’s Science DietIams
Per Pound$1.99 $1.41
Per Calorie$0.0012 $0.0008
Dry Cat FoodHill’s Science DietIams
Per Pound$2.90 $1.71
Per Calorie$0.0017 $0.0010
Wet Dog FoodHill’s Science DietIams
Per Pound$3.24 $1.64
Per Calorie$0.0078 $0.0033
Wet Cat FoodHill’s Science DietIams
Per Pound$4.73 $4.84
Per Calorie$0.0100 $0.0101
💰 See the best Hill’s Science Diet Prices💰 See the best Iams prices

So where is the best place to purchase these brands? good question! overall, Amazon.com has the best deals.

They also offer 30% on your first autoship order which saves you a good chunk of change and makes your pet food ordering process automatic. Overall, this has saved me a ton of time. C

🤤 Ingredients and Flavors


To form their rich recipes and formulas, a lot of ingredients are combined creatively.

Some include brewers rice, fish meal, chicken, dried beet pulp, chicken flavor, carrot, Dried Egg product, chicken fat, Whole grain sorghum, who grain barley, tomatoes, spinach, green peas, minerals, choline chloride, manganese sulfate, copper sulfate, monosodium phosphate, potassium chloride, among others.

Popular Flavors

  • Health adult original with tuna
  • ocean fish
  • Mini chunks chicken flavor
  • Salmon and tuna

Hill’s Science Diet

Hill Science Diet uses no artificial products or fillers. Some of their all-natural ingredients include Chicken, chicken meal, dried beet pulp, soybeans oil, brewers rice, pork fat, whole grain wheat, oat fiber, taurine, natural flavors, beta-carotene, carrot, apples, broccoli, cranberries, iodized salt, green peas, pea protein, chicken liver, mineral, vitamins, and much more.

Popular flavors

  • Chicken meal and barley recipe
  • Lamb meal and brown rice recipe
  • Liver and chicken entree

check out the current Hill’s Science Diet and Iams recipes here

🏡 About Iams and Hill’s Science Diet

Iams Information

This brand places a premium in undertaking researches to know and understand pets better so that they can create formulas that are tailor-made for their needs.

It was created in 1948 by Paul .F. Iams who had the vision to help pets live healthy lives through advanced nutrition.

Among many other discoveries, he discovered the value of meat-based protein by concluding that dogs and cats are carnivores and will be better when fed as that. Iams has remained well reputed over the years

Hill’s Science Diet Information

Hill Science Diet is one of Hill’s subsidiaries. It started in the 1930’s when the owner, Dr Mark Morris traced the problems of a dog with kidney failure to nutrition. He started the company with his wife to combat the problems of ill health in pets.

In 1951, he established a research facility and four food prescriptions were made for dogs.

This brand works with vets, food scientists, nutritionists, and clinical professionals to create clinically tested and approved formulas for all stages, breeds and medically challenged pets.

This brand’s mission is to help prolong the lives of pet through good nutrition.

🙀 Product Safety and Recalls through History

Companies make scheduled recalls on products that may have a foreseen defect or safety issues.

The importance of a recall is to conduct further safety tests in order to effect changes to product to ensure that it is safe for use.

Iams Recalls

Iams has been recalled twice in history

Aug. 14th, 2013 – Salmonella

July 30th, 2010 – Salmonella

Hill’s Science Diet Recalls

Hill’s Science Diet has been recalled once.

Jan. 31st, 2019 -Elevated levels of Vitamin D

🏆Iams vs Hill’s Science Diet : And the winner goes to…

Both brands have demonstrated excellence and commendable purpose but we must have a winner. While both brands have rich variety and a longevity, Iams is extensively more protein-rich and pocket-friendly. We declare Iams as the winner of this comparison.

If you wantThen you should choose
Higher levels of proteinIams
Higher levels of fatIams
A safer brand on the basis of recallsHills Science Diet
Wider variety of food types and flavorsHills Science Diet
A cheaper brandIams





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