How Much does a Dog Walker Cost? Fur-tunately, not that much at all

How Much does a Dog Walker Cost

Let’s face it, you go to work during the day and go on vacations throughout the year, and the question is asked by many: how much does a dog walker cost?

Dog walkers provide valuable services that every dog household can utilize on a regular basis, and at Super Whiskers, we feel dog walkers are worth every penny.

Let’s take a further look into what dog walkers do before looking into the costs of hiring one.

How Much does a Dog Walker Cost: Time Away from Home

Owning a dog is quite enjoyable, but let’s face it, you need to go to work during the day.

If you are like a big majority of people out there, you work five days per week and eight hours each day.

This is a lot of time to leave your home each week and each day, and it can be a hassle to send your dog to daycare each day (plus many find this to be expensive and unreasonable).

In contrast to the standard eight-hour workdays, some people work much longer hours, with some careers demanding 12 hour days (such as nurses and healthcare personnel).

This is a long time away from your home and it is a long time to allow your dog to be home alone, without food and toilet.

For that reason, many people look to alternative ways to care for their dog when they are away.

How Much does a Dog Walker Cost: The Job Description

A dog walker seems quite simple and basic, but when you consider the basic job description then yes it is.

Many dog walkers simply come to the home, and take them on a walk; the length of the walk is usually determined between you and the walker.

Once the walk is over, they drop the dog off at the home and then leave.

Now, this is by far the most basic of job functions of a dog walker, but some provide complete services.

Some dog walkers come to your home, walk your dog, potty them, feed your dog, water, and even play with them to keep them stimulated.

If you are looking for a dog walker, I should tell you that finding a dog walker that offers this much is perfect for your pet.

How Much does a Dog Walker Cost: Certifications

In your search for a dog walker, it is important to look at the credentials of the person you want to consider.

Just like every career out there, a dog walker should be licensed and certified for dog walking, which means they are knowledgeable in pet first-aid and dog behavior.

This is nice because there are dog walkers that interact with multiple dogs at a time, so it is wise to have one that can handle the behaviors of multiple dogs, not to mention basic first aid in case something happens on the walk.

How Much does a Dog Walker Cost

Now that you have a little information on the job description of a dog walker, now is the time where you should consider the cost of one.

There are a few things to consider before determining what one should cost.

Frequency of and Time Needed

Perhaps you are hiring a dog walker throughout the week while you are at work, simply to allow the dog to walk, potty, and be feed.

If this is you and you want the walker to come by at minimum three times per week, you should take this in consideration.

Some dog walkers may give you a bit of a discount for doing this function frequently throughout the week, especially if you live nearby.


If you are leaving for a week or two on a vacation or business trip, perhaps you need a dog walker to come by for a few hours each day to play, potty, feed, and walk.

This will be a pricier service as the dog walker will need to spend more time at your home.

If this is your option here, consider finding certified dog walkers and consider someone you trust if possible.


The cost of a pet walker depends on your source, but for the bare minimum you should expect to pay a walker about $15 or $20 for simply a walk.

Consider the time they spend walking your dog an hour of work, so this in the equivalent of $15-20 per hour (even though some may only take 30 minutes to do everything).

If you have multiple pets, this may change the pricing, as some walkers may add an additional five dollars to the price of their services.

If you are gone for an extended period of time, it may be reasonable to have a dog walker come by your house a couple times per day, probably in the morning and evening to ensure that the dog is cared for.

However, if you are gone on vacation for this long, you will need more than a simple visit in the morning and evening.

Consider discussing a reasonable price per day to have a dog walker care for your dog while you are away on vacation and even consider having the person stay at your home or having the dog stay at theirs.


When you take everything on what a dog walker does for you into consideration, $15-20 per hour or per walk is fairly reasonable.

If you take your dog to a local pet hotel, you are likely to spend at least $30 per night, so you save money already in that aspect.

However, many pet hotels offer play sessions for a determined price, often ranging from two dollars for 30 minutes of play to $20 for eight hours.

A dog walker may be able to do the same services in the comfort of your home so be sure to ask about this if you are gone for a long time.

In-Home Services

Dogs typically are more adjusted to their own home surroundings, so having someone come to your home is a better option for your dog.

Some walkers may watch your dog in their home, but paying someone to come to your home and care for your dog is something you should consider.

It is very similar to paying for a babysitter; the difference is just that you are paying someone to watch your dog.

Payment on this could be about $25-30 per day depending on who you get, which is a bargain for your pet.

The Conclusion on How Much does a Dog Walker Cost

Paying a dog walker is good for your dog and it helps you to live your normal life.

Some experts suggest that if you work long hours (more than 8 hours a day) that you should hire a dog walker to care for your dog, but of course you need to consider your own finances.

You should expect to pay $15-20 per walk each day and you may even get a discount for frequent walking during the week.

Consider finding someone you know and trust if possible, and you may be able to save some money by hiring a younger, responsible college student (perhaps a vet student).

Lastly, if you have multiple dogs, you should consider someone who is certified in animal first aid and dog behavior, in case of an emergency.

At Super Whiskers, we feel that you should provide everything you can to your furry friend so that it can lead a great life; consider a dog walker for this.





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