Vacation In A Hotel With Your Furry Friend

Vacation In A Hotel With Your Furry Friend

Going on a nice trip with your dog is undoubtedly a fun adventure, even if the organizational part of it involves more considerable difficulties in finding places that can accommodate your pet.

Planning a dog-friendly vacation is very important for both of you.

However, if your next vacation is in a hotel, make sure that you and your pet respect the etiquette.

In fact, there are a series of rules that must be adopted within the hotel to ensure a peaceful vacation for you, for other guests, and for those who work there.

It is absolutely necessary to be polite and respectful towards other people on holiday and towards those who open the doors of their structure to you and your four-legged friend.

Here is a small guide on how to better enjoy your stay at a hotel.

Before You Leave

Before You Leave

Planning is vital when you are traveling with your dog, so before leaving, take all the necessary measures for the safety and health of your pet:

Once you have chosen the hotel you want to stay in, reach out to inform them that you will be taking your pet with you.

Ask them as many questions as possible: each hotel that admits animals has its own policy in regards to their size (some structures only accept small or medium-sized dogs) or the maximum number of dogs allowed in each room.

In some hotels, the dog is included in the room price, whereas in others, a daily supplement or a fee is requested for the costs of cleaning the room, and so on.

Having all this information will help you choose the accommodation and avoid unpleasant surprises upon your arrival.

When you book the hotel, try to book a room on the ground floor or on the lowest level available: remember that you will often have to enter and exit from the room, so shortening the journey and avoiding taking the lift so often is suitable for both you and your dog.

Furthermore, compared to the upper floors, the rooms on the ground floor are usually smaller and more distant from others.

Another positive aspect of having a room on the ground floor consists of the fact that no guests are resting below you.

So if your dog is lively and loves to play in the room, you will not be disturbing other customers.

If possible, ask the hotel for the possibility of having a mini fridge in the room so that you can keep your pet’s food fresh.

When You Arrive At The Hotel

When You Arrive At The Hotel

Once you’ve arrived in the hotel (and after having carried out all the check-in procedures), take some time to make your room comfortable and welcoming for your little furry friend.

First, examine the room to verify that there is nothing that could hurt him or that your dog can swallow (such as small objects that may have been forgotten in the room by previous customers).

Make sure you also don’t leave around any of your objects that could potentially hurt him: keep delicate objects, medicines, documents, and rubbish away from your furry friend’s reach.

Once the room has been examined, begin to position all your pet’s equipment, such as his kennel, his toys, and everything that can remind him of home.

This will create a comfortable and familiar environment.

Once your dog has settled in, go out for a short walk in the area around the hotel and then return to the room immediately.

This short period of detachment will help your dog get used to your absence.

When you come back to the room, he will understand that you are not abandoning him and, at the same time, this will allow you to see if he is agitated or calm upon your return.

Remember always to leave a bowl of water in the room when you are away.

Some structures require customers to tie the dog with a leash to a piece of furniture or to a stable object when it is left alone in the room.

In fact, your dog may venture around, causing damage.

Moreover, if the cleaning lady suddenly opens the bedroom door, there is no risk of the dog assaulting her or running away.

If your dog is not used to a leash, it could be useful to use it for a while: you can try leaving him on a leash for a short amount of time inside the house while you are away.

Once you arrive at the hotel, it is crucial to arrange cleaning.

Set a time, perhaps early in the morning when you go out with your pet for the walk and then, on the way back, place the “Do not disturb” sign on the door handle so no one will enter or knock on the door.

If your dog is used to watching television with you at home, or if listening to the TV relaxes him, leave it on so he will feel at ease.

Also, the sound of the TV will cover other customers’ voices or other noises that could scare him.

Remember to give your dog more attention when you are together: let him play, walk, and cuddle him so that he won’t feel neglected.

Behavioral Rules To Be Adopted

Behavioral Rules To Be Adopted

The first rule that must be adopted when staying at a hotel (with and without a dog) is respect for those who work there.

Don’t make the maids’ work more complicated than it already is, so always try to keep your dog and room clean.

Bring with you a sheet or a blanket to put on the bed or on the floor to prevent the dog’s hair or paws from getting the hotel room dirty.

Moreover, throw the dog’s waste in a bin outside the structure.

If you take your dog to the beach or on a hike in a natural environment, before entering the hotel, wash him to remove any excess sand or dirt: use a towel, a comb, or a portable shower.

If you leave your dog in the room, even if only for a short period, leave your telephone number at the reception in case they hear your dog barking or crying in the room.

Even if your dog is generally calm, the change and stress caused by a trip may make him nervous.

Try to keep his habits and avoid changing the times he goes on walks or has meals.

Take note of any strange behaviors your pet may exhibit.

Staying In A Hotel With Your Dog Some Tips

It is necessary to make a premise: the fact that there is a hotel that hosts animals, especially in seaside resorts, does not imply that nearby there are also beaches open to dogs.

Therefore, before choosing a hotel, make sure you inquire whether the surrounding areas welcome dogs so that you can take your pet with you instead of leaving him alone in the room.

Going on vacation with your pet is an absolutely exemplary gesture. However, here are a few tips for a positive and trouble-free holiday:

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