3 Best Cat Urine Carpet Cleaner in 2024 – Get that Pawful Smell Out

Best Cat Urine Carpet Cleaner

In your search for the best cat urine carpet cleaner, it is vital to have an understanding of how strong cat urine can be when it saturates in your carpet.

For starters, your cat uses the bathroom indoors and most likely in a litter box.

However, even cats can miss the litter box target, which can end up on the carpet.

With that said it is important to have a strong and best cat urine carpet cleaner handy in your home.

How Can you Get Cat Urine out of Carpet?

One of the simplest methods for getting cat urine from your carpet is to dab with an absorbent cloth.

This method is quite easy, but it is not effective when used alone.

Next, a great household cleaner that is good for getting smells out of carpet is vinegar and water.

Vinegar is a powerful acid that can essentially kill all odors in its path when applied correctly.

While this combination may be useful, it may not be completely perfect in lifting cat urine from your carpet.

Using natural, household product is a quick process for cleaning up a small mess, they are nothing in comparison to some of the best cat urine carpet cleaner options around.

The Best Cat Urine Carpet Cleaner

Getting cat urine out of your carpet can be a hassle.

Fortunately, there are actual products that can essentially eliminate the potency of your cat’s accident.

Listed below are some of the best options that you should consider.

In addition to the cleaners, I have some more information regarding cats, grooming, and beds listed on my site as well.

Best Cat Urine Carpet Cleaner: Enzymatic Cleaner

Bubbas Super Strength Commercial Enzyme Cleaner

The first on the list of best cat urine carpet cleaner is an enzymatic cleaner.

This is a good first start because it contains active enzymes that combat and lift smells from the carpet, but the best thing is that it prevents your cat (or dog) from making a mess in this spot in the future as well.

Why It Works?

Perhaps the funniest thing about enzymatic cleaners, especially this particular one, is that they fight away bacteria (the odors) by using bacteria.

The Bubbas Enzymatic cleaner is formulated with billions of these enzymes that simply seep in your carpet fibers and destroy the odors at the cellular level.

This is a pretty cool product if you have cat urine smell in your home.

How Much does it Cost?

The cost of this best cat urine carpet cleaner is a bit deceiving because it comes in a large gallon-sized container.

However, this large container costs about $40 on Amazon, but it is quite a bargain if you have young kids, dogs, cats, or any other pets in your home.

What are the Reviews Saying?

The reviews are quite positive for this enzymatic cleaner.

It currently has 985 customer reviews and 73 percent gave it 5 stars and an additional eight percent ranked it with 4 stars.

Overall, it is rated nicely in reviews and should do the trick for you.

Best Cat Urine Carpet Cleaner: Shampoo

Bubbas Super Steamer Carpet Cleaner Shampoo

This next best cat urine carpet cleaner on this list is something that you should get if you are into shampoo and steaming your carpeting.

Most likely this means you either have someone come to your home to clean your carpet or you do it yourself.

Either way, consider this shampoo for your cleaning efforts.

Why It Works?

The function of this shampoo is not quite as fun as the enzymatic cleaner, but it does contain some good extracting compounds to lift odors from your carpet fibers.

These compounds also help to improve the life of your carpet and it leaves them clean.

How Much does it Cost?

This shampoo comes as a 32 ounce bottle of solution, but you dilute only one ounce to a gallon of water.

This 32 ounce bottle of solution currently costs about $22 on Amazon.

What are the Reviews Saying?

Similar to the enzymatic solution above, the shampoo has great reviews.

A total of 829 customer reviews have been left and a total of 78 percent gave it 5 stars in addition to another 10 percent rating it with 4 stars.

Overall, this product has 4.5 stars, which is slightly better than the previous solution.

Best Cat Urine Carpet Cleaner: Industrial Strength

Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator

The final best cat urine carpet cleaner on the list involves a powerful industrialized solution that can zap odors and leave a fresh scent in your home.

Let’s take a close look at the Angry Orange Product.

Why It Works?

It contains natural, cold-pressed oils that are designed to destroy odors.

This product is strong enough to last through commercial use and it can also do the trick for the cat urine issue on your carpet.

How Much does it Cost?

The bottle comes in an eight-ounce size and it can make four spray bottle concentrations of 32 ounces each.

This bottle only costs about $20 on Amazon.

What are the Reviews Saying?

Very similar to the shampoo listed prior, the Angry Orange product is rated quite nicely on Amazon.

A total of 86 percent of customers gave this product at least a 4 star review, making this one of the best.

In addition, close to 2000 customer reviews were left, so many have enjoyed this.

The Conclusion on the Best Cat Urine Carpet Cleaner

Making the decision on the best cat urine carpet cleaner should not be a tough selection, but you should make sure that you purchase the right product.

Any of the listed products above should do the trick for getting cat urine smells and stains from your carpet.


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