5 Su-purr Cat Toys for Indoor Cats 2024 – #3 Is Totally Pawsome

Cat Toys for Indoor Cats

Cats are not always the best animals for play, but the truth is cat toys for indoor cats serve a valuable purpose for your furry friend.

Cats, just like dogs, need some stimulation throughout the day to keep them busy, occupied, and away from dangers of your home.

For this reason, it is wise to find some cat toys for indoor cats that can occupy their attention span.

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What are the Perks of Play for Cats?

Cats have evolved into an indoor pet, which is a vast difference from their evolutionary times when they were (and some still are) predatory animals.

Some cat owners get a cat to be an outdoor pet, where they are free to roam and return as they please, but for a large majority of cat owners, their cat is an indoor pet.

Having an indoor cat is important because it keeps them away from some hazards in the environment such as cars, large predatory birds, and it keeps them out of trouble as well.

Knowing that cats like to roam and be independent throughout the day, your indoor cat needs mental stimulation that can keep them entertained.

This is the sole purpose of cat toys for indoor cats.

Assessing the Best Cat Toys for Indoor Cats

In order to fully explain some of the capabilities of cat toys, it is important to have a grasp on what toys you can find and what each has to offer.

Listed below is a summary of some cat toys for indoor cats that you should consider, all of which can be found on Amazon.

Cat Toys for Indoor Cats: Interactive Toys

Ysagi Funny Pet Cat Catch Interactive Light Toy, 2 in 1 Chaser Toy with Laser Dot and Flashlight

Perhaps one of the most basic toys you can get for a cat is an interactive laser pointing toy.

Let’s look into some of the details of what a laser pointer can do for your cat.


I am not sure how it came to be, but laser pointers serve as a great option for cat toys for indoor cats.

It is an interactive toy, meaning you will have some interaction with your cat while it plays and it will be engaged with its play.

Typically the laser toys make for some of the most cost-effective toys around, but this one is especially good.

Valuable Purpose of the Toy

The idea of this interactive cat toy is that you shine the laser pointer throughout your house and your cat chases the point down.

Not only does your cat gain valuable and natural evolutionary seeking and hunting skills, but it gets some serious play in while chasing the laser.

It is a good way to keep your cat entertained and it is certain to tire them out as well.

Price Review and Ratings on Amazon

Overall, this laser pointer interactive pen is about $9 on Amazon, which is a great deal when you consider the play that you get.

This also comes as a two pack, so if you want two dots around your house then you can point them all over to really give your cat more play.

Also, there are 40 customer reviews for this laser pointer and there is not one bad review.

Of these 40 reviews, 98 percent left 5 stars, making this interactive toy a 5 star toy in my view.

Will your Indoor Cat Enjoy the Toy?

It is fairly certain that all cats will like this interactive toy, but this all depends on your cat’s desire to seek, hunt, and play.

If your cat does not get up much or is lazy, chances are you will know this before making the purchase.

Cat Toys for Indoor Cats: Puzzle Toys

Bergan Turbo Scratcher Treat Ball

This is quite a fun puzzle-style of game that can have your cat working, guessing, and playing indoors.


It is no surprise that cats love to scratch and claw at things, so this is one of the best cat toys for indoor cats that you can find.

The idea is that you fill the treat ball with your cat’s favorite treats or food and then allow the cat to claw, scratch, and hit the food or treats out of the small holes.

It is a bit of a mental workout because your cat needs to learn how to work the toy.

Valuable Purpose of the Toy

This indoor treat ball plays a valuable purpose for your cat; it stimulates your cat so that your cat stays entertained and does not get bored throughout the day.

Price Review and Ratings on Amazon

The treat ball itself only costs about $8 on Amazon, but there are accessories that you can add to this toy to enhance the play experience.

The accessories include a turbo ball pack, a grooming arch, and a turbo teaser toy, but there will be more ahead on teaser toys.

Overall there are close to 2400 customer reviews on this toy and a whopping 83 percent rated this as a 5 star toy, with another nine percent giving it 4 stars.

Overall, it has a 4.6 star rating on Amazon, and it is as close to 5 stars as you can get.

Will your Indoor Cat Enjoy the Toy?

Based off the reviews of this toy, your cat should enjoy this.

The majority of customers suggested that they have had this tor for years and that their cats enjoy it, so this is quite assuring for any indoor cat lover out there.

Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

Puzzle toys are important for your cat’s mental health and having a durable puzzle toy can certainly keep your cat out of boredom throughout the day.


The Petstages Tower of Tracks puzzle toy looks fun even from a human point of view.

It contains multiple levels where balls spin and rotate.

This is a good toy option if your can is smart, loves to play, and is partial towards balls.

Valuable Purpose of the Toy

This tower of tracks toy is great for any cat that is active and driven to hunt.

As the cat claws at the ball, it sends the ball around the tracks and causes your cat to run around after it (even though it stays on the track).

It really is a simple toy, but it serves a nice function of keeping your cat stimulated throughout the day.

Price Review and Ratings on Amazon

The price of this puzzle toy fits in line with many of the other toys on the list, and it is about $10 on Amazon.

For such a small toy that offers a fair amount of play and entertainment, this is a steal.

In addition to being a good price, more than 2000 customers have purchased this puzzle toy and have left reviews on Amazon.

Of these 2000 reviews, about 75 percent of customers left a 5 star review with another 11 percent leaving a 4 star rating.

Overall, 86 percent found this to be a good cat toy and this is a big reason why it currently sits atop of the most highly rated puzzle cat toys on Amazon right now.

Will your Indoor Cat Enjoy the Toy?

The first thought that comes to mind is, of course, your cat will enjoy it, but it is better to hear what some customers have to say.

Some customers state that their cat enjoyed the balls on the track, in addition to the three levels of tracks as well.

In addition, it appears that young and older cats get great use from this toy, with some customers stating that cats as old as 10 years have enjoyed this toy.

Cat Toys for Indoor Cats: Exercising Toys

Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel- Collapsible 3 Way Play Toy

Sometimes your cat needs a little exercising in order to stay healthy both physically and mentally.

This pet tunnel provides a means for your indoor cat to get some exercise and it is an easy way to entertain them as the same time.


This pet tunnel is designed for cats as it contains crackle balls at the end of each entrance/exit.

In addition to a crackle ball at each end, there are peepholes, a bell toy, as well as room for fun.

Valuable Purpose of the Toy

Similar to how humans need exercise for optimal health, cats too need to exercise, especially if they remain indoors throughout the day.

This pet tunnel is great for exercise as it allows your cat to run and play with each attached toy throughout the tube.

You can make the play and excitement even more fun by placing additional toys in the tunnel as well.

Price Review and Ratings on Amazon

This tunnel toy has a total of about 50 inches of total play, with each tunnel about 17 inches deep on each end.

The cost of these 50 inches of play space is only $18 and can be found on Amazon as well.

It is one of the best-rated cat toys for indoor cats listed on Amazon, as close to 3000 customers have reviewed this toy and a whopping 87 percent left it a 5 star review.

Perhaps the most impressive stat here is that there is not one review that was one star out of the 3000 customers who reviewed the toy.

Overall it has a 4.8 star rating, making this a near flawless play toy for your cat.

Will your Indoor Cat Enjoy the Toy?

Some customers have said their cat enjoys running inside and looking through the center peephole.

Most customers have left reviews saying their cats enjoy the tunnel toy and they are overall pleased with their purchase.

Cat Toys for Indoor Cats: Teaser Toys and Furry Toys

Go Cat Da Bee Teaser Wand

Last on the list of cat toys for indoor cats is the teaser and furry toy section, which most cats enjoy.

Cats vastly enjoy clawing at something furry because it stimulates their natural evolution of hunting as a predator. 


The Go Cat Da Bee Teaser is both furry and it is a teaser toy.

On one end, there is a handle for you, the owner, to grab ahold of.

On the other end of the teaser toy is a furry bee toy, which is what your cat will be clawing at during its play session.

Valuable Purpose of the Toy

As stated above, the furry and teasing toy option is great because it allows your cat to meet its evolutionary desire to claw and hunt things that are designed to have fur.

This helps to diminish the need to claw at things throughout your home and it helps to fulfill the needs of your cat.

Price Review and Ratings on Amazon

Teaser toys are generally not very expensive and this particular teaser furry toy is only slightly more than $12 on Amazon.

This toy has pretty good reviews as well, as more than 200 customers have reviewed this toy and 81 percent have given it a 5 star review.

In addition, another seven percent left it a 4 star review, thus making this an excellent option for your cat.

Will your Indoor Cat Enjoy the Toy?

Some have expressed that their cats love the toy and it quickly became their favorite toy selection.

This is reassuring for your cat and for your decision to purchase it as well.

The Best Cat Toy for Indoor Cats

If your cat is in need of some toys, consider any of the toys listed above.

All of them play great functions for your cat’s health and some are interactive where you can play with your cat.

You should consider your cat’s personality before making a decision on which to purchase, but overall, these all are the best options to work with.

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