Our 2024 Pawsome Weruva Cat Food Review – The Purr-fect Food?

Weruva Cat Food Review

Caring for your cat means that you should provide the best food that you possibly can, which is why today I will be taking you through a complete Weruva cat food review.

Many households provide dry food to their cats, and if you are a believer in quality food for your cat then you should avoid dry food if possible.

For starters, dry food is cheaper in cost, so it is cheaper quality and it tends to have more nutrients than what your cat needs (they usually are loaded with excessive carbs).

The way I see it; dry cat food is like you going in a drive through and ordering the large French fries option.

While it may have some good flavor, you feed yourself too many carbs and fats, so much that it causes ill health.

This is similar with dry cat food; just try to avoid it whenever possible.

What is it about wet food?

If you want the best for your cat (and I know you do), you need to consider an option that has a great balance of nutrients, is sourced as raw as possible, and free from grains (if possible).

You can find these options from canned food and wet pouched food and Weruva brand is a great place to start if you want the best for your cat.

Weruva typically contains raw food sources and it even has an established vitamin content (just not the amount of each though) as where many other food sources typically have fillers.

If you feed your body vitamins, minerals, and healthy nutrients, why not feed the same to your cat?

What should you look for in cat food?

When you are selecting a brand of food for your cat, you should certainly read all ingredients on the food label.  For starters, the first ingredient on your cat’s food should be a good source of protein.

The rule of thumb with this is: if it is not good for you to eat then it is not good for your cat to eat.

The next thing you should look for in the ingredients is its source of carbs.

Many pet food options (including dogs and cats) contain grains, which may be safe for humans to eat to an extent, but a cat’s digestive lining cannot handle grains, which can lead to absorption issues and malnutrition.

There are many canned and pouched food options that you can get that contains no grains so do not worry here.

Lastly, you should look for cat food options that contain no filler ingredients.

These are easy to pin-point in your ingredients list because you will notice ingredients such as corn, fillers, and other products that are not suitable for consumption.

Weruva Cat Food Review

Now that you have some background on some food options and what to look for, you should consider the Weruva brand cat food.

It contains much of what I said to look for and then some.

Let’s take a look at the Weruva cat food review so that you can feed you cat the best source possible.

Weruva Grain-Free Canned Food 

The Weruva cat food review starts with the standard 5.5 ounce serving cans.

They come with quality protein sources such as cage-free chicken, no grains (which is good for your cat’s digestion), and it comes in complete and balanced nutrition.

There are many flavors to select from, but one of the most commonly sold on Amazon is the Paw Lickin’ Chicken flavor.

You can purchase a 24 pack from Amazon for only about $41, so the cost is good and the quality is good as well.

Weruva TruLuxe Canned Food

Another option for the Weruva cat food review is the Weruva TruLuxe variety of cat food.

This food is also grain-free, has no fillers, and it is GMO-free (remember, you feed your cat something that you would have no issue eating as well).

The protein in the TruLuxe variety is still the cage-free chicken, but perhaps the best aspect of this variety is that your cat gets a complete and balanced nutrition that is low in fat and carbs and higher in protein.

There are over 10 different flavors of the TruLuxe variety and the price ranges from $33 to $41 depending on what flavors you select on Amazon.

One of the most popular flavors is the Quick ‘N Quirky and it costs about $41 on Amazon whereas the Honor Roll flavor only costs $34.

Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Variety Pouch

Many new cat owners run into the issue of feeding a particular flavor to their cat only to find out that the cat does not like the flavor and will not eat it.

Fortunately, there is a Weruva variety pack that provides six different recipes that are all grain-free and sourced responsibly.

This variety pack contains the Tuna and Chicken Charm me, Tuna and Beed Baby cakes, Tuna and Turkey tickles, Tuna and Salmon sweet cheeks, Tuna and Lamb luv ya, and the Tuna and Duck devour me.

Use the variety pack however you desire, but consider this a great way to see what your cat likes to eat (especially if you adopt a cat or introduce a kitten to your home).

An 18 pack variety flavor (six flavors and three pouches each) only costs about $35 on Amazon, so consider this an option for narrowing down the flavor your cat most enjoys.

Best Feline Friend Variety Pack

This is the “BFF” line of Weruva flavors and it contains four different flavors and three cans each.

This is a bit different than the pouches and there is a slight difference between the pouches and the cans here.

For example, the variety pack of the cans you get on Amazon includes Tuna Too Cool, Tuna and Pumpkin Valentine, Tuna and Salmon Soulmates, and the Tuna and Chicken 4EVA.

This 12-can sampler contains 3.5 ounce cans and it only costs about $23 on Amazon, which is a pretty good bargain if you are looking to settle down on one particular flavor.

The Weruva Cat Food Review Conclusion

There are some pretty nice aspects of the Weruva cat food that are better than many other brands on the market.

I like that you cannot find any dry food in the Weruva brand, which means there is zero chance they take the dried food and mix it with water.

Next, the protein sources in Weruva are top-quality.

Whether it is tuna, salmon, or chicken, the protein options are high-quality, which means your cat benefits most.

Lastly, I like the fact that Weruva actually has vitamin content in its food.

While we shouldn’t give a multivitamin to our cats, it is still important for them to have food that provides certain nutrients that promote health and growth.

With all of these factors considered, the conclusion on the Weruva cat food review is that it is one of the best.


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