12 Best cat litter mats for 2024 – Learn to Pampurr your kitty

Best cat litter mats

There has probably been a time when your cat litter has soiled the carpeting and other parts of the house after toileting, which underscores the importance of having one of the best cat litter mats around.

A proper mat serves a wide range of purposes, but perhaps one of the most important functions of a mat is to protect your home from excessive soiling.

Whenever cat litter gets into your carpeting, it is virtually impossible to get it 100 percent out; after all, it is sand and sand simply does not clean up easily.

Where to Look for the Best Cat Litter Mats

When you are on your search for one of the best cat litter mats, you should seriously look around.

Don’t just pick out and purchase the first one you see or the cheapest in cost, as this could cause you more headaches in the long run.

Instead, take your time and make an informed decision on this purchase.

After all, this mat is going to be protecting your carpet, couch, flooring, and other areas of your house.

With that said, listed below is a complete listing of the best cat litter mats that can be found on Amazon.

Extra attention will be given to the cost, reviews, and overall description of each, so consider any of the below an ideal fit for your home.

A Complete Review on the Best Cat Litter Mats

Gorilla Grip Premium Cat Litter Mat

This mat really caught my attention because it comes with deep grooves that allow for full “absorption” of the cat litter.

It looks just like a regular front door mat, so this is not too much of an eyesore at all.

It comes in a few different colors on Amazon so you can purchase what looks best in your home.

Also, I feel the Gorilla Grip is one of the best cat litter mats because it is very durable; it comes with a non-slipping backing so that you don’t slip on the mat when walking on it (which is a common downfall to mats).

Plus, many home mats tend to move as you step on it, which this one is advertised not to do.

The large mat costs $17 whereas the extra-large, jumbo-sized mat is $30, but this jumbo size is worth it if you have a cat that claws often after voiding.

Of a total of 480 customer reviews, 74 percent have given this mat a 5-star review, so consider this a great option for your home.

iPrimio Cat Litter Trapper Mat

If you have a messy cat then this may be a good option for your home.

It comes equipped with urine and waterproof liner, which is quite nice for total protection.

In addition, I like the design of this mat because it contains little micro holes that collect sand as it leaves the litter box.

This feature in itself makes this one of the best cat litter mats around because it makes cleaning easier and it means the sand that makes it to the mat does not spill onto your carpeting.

The iPrimio is pretty cost-effective and a 30 x 23 inch mat costs only $25 on Amazon.

In addition to the good cost, over 2500 customers have left reviews on this mat, with 84 percent giving a 5-star rating.

Consider this a top-tier mat for your home.

Easyology XL Super-Size Cat Mat

This is another one of the best cat litter mats that I like because of its great size.

It is 35 x 24 inches, making this one of the largest mats around.

In addition to the dimensions of this mat, it contains a patent pending loop that supposedly catches litter 37 percent better.

Now I am not sure what 37 percent more means, but you can’t go wrong when it comes to more protection for your home.

The Easyology mat is pretty durable and can easily withstand quite a bit of traffic, so consider this for inside your home.

It runs about $20 on Amazon and it has some of the best reviews as well.

More than 5200 customers have purchased this durable cat mat and have left a review.

Of the 5200 customers, 77 percent left a 5-star review and another 14 percent left 4-stars, meaning 91 percent of customers are quite happy with this mat.

PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box with Anti-Tracking Mat

Cleaning after your cat can be a tedious task, especially if you have a busy lifestyle.

For this reason, the PetSafe ScoopFree litter mat has designed a state-of-the-art cleaning box that pretty much does the work for you.

This is quite a handy feature that I found to be important for the pet owners who simply do not have the time to regularly clean.

This box includes one of the best cat litter mats as well, with five times better odor control with urine.

This complete package has disposable litter trays to make cleaning easy (yes, you still need to do some cleaning) and it is completely leak proof.

Overall, this is one of the best mats/box kits for your cat and it runs $170 on Amazon.

There are not a ton of reviews because the product is fairly new, but the one review left by customers is a 5-star review so consider this a perk.

Smartcatcher Contemporary Cat Litter Mat

This is definitely a contemporary cat mat because the color design really needs a good personality.

There are about nine color schemes to select from and the mat collects about 72 percent more litter than traditional mats.

Again, I do not know what a traditional mat is defined as, but 72 percent more cleanliness means less litter in your house so this is a definite perk.

The mat contains little “loops” that collect and trap litter as the cat exits it box, which is great for trapping sand.

In addition, this mat is quite comfortable and your cat should enjoy this.

The Smartcatcher mat is designed to not fade your carpeting, which is a real perk for your home investment (or making sure you get your apartment security deposit back).

It costs $67 on Amazon and it has a 60 percent 5-star rating as well.

Drymate Lacey Cat Litter Mat

The Drymate Lacey cat litter mat is another high-end mat that contains absorbent material designed for optimal cleanliness.

I like this mat because it contains many of the same features of other mats on this list, but it also is washing-machine safe.

The ability to machine wash this mat makes the Drymate easily one of the best cat litter mats on this list.

It currently is about $55 on Amazon and it has not been reviewed yet.

Personally, the mat should perform quite well in your home and you should be pleased with its waterproof material.

Arm and Hammer Stay Fresh Cat Litter Mat by Aspen

In my personal experience, it is best to get an absorbent mat that controls soil as well as odors.

This means that a mat that contains a webbed design to collect sand as your cat exits its box is an ideal design.

In addition, this mat is quite unique in that Arm and Hammer is in charge of the development of this mat, suggesting that your odor control will be maintained.

It currently costs about $56 on Amazon and it too has not been reviewed as of yet.

PetFusion Tough Grip Waterproof Cat Litter Mat

This mat is a great mix of durability and absorption for the cost.

First of all, it is made from silicone, which means it is waterproof and resistant to bacteria.

In addition, silicon generally has better odor control, as odors do not have much of a chance to absorb into the material.

In addition, the PetFusion mat contains special ridges that are designed to trap your cat’s litter as it exits the box.

These inner ridges are the premier feature of the PetFusion mat and they make it one of the best cat litter mats on this list.

This mat has been reviewed by 360 customers, with 87 percent giving it 5-stars.

This cat litter mat only costs about $40 on Amazon and it is a great option for your home.

Focuspet Cat Litter Trapper Mat

This is one of the largest cat mats around and I feel it deserves to be on the list of the best cat litter mats because of this feature.

It currently is 30 x 22 inches in dimension, which is quite larger than other mats on this list.

The Focuspet litter is specially designed with a honeycomb design, which is ideal for capturing every bit of sand and litter from your cat.

This mat is designed like an envelope pocket, with the honeycomb design contained above an underlayer that collects and traps the sand.

This makes cleanup quite easy, as all you need to do is dump the sand from the enveloped pouch.

The Focuspet cat litter mat costs a reasonable $33 on Amazon, but perhaps the best selling feature here is in the reviews.

There are over 50 customer reviews with 96 percent giving it 5-stars and the other four percent gave this mat a 4-star rating.

The proof is in the reviews.

Pawkin Cat Litter Mat

Many pet owners out there are unaware of phthalate, which may be harmful to your pet’s health.

Many cat mats in the past have been made from this potentially dangerous compound, but avoiding it is vital for the health of your cat.

The Pawkin cat litter mat is phthalate-free and it is quite large, which is why I have placed it on the list for the best cat litter mats.

It is designed with a mesh material that traps sand into its fibers, which is good for keeping your home clean.

In addition, this mat is quite easy to clean; all you need to do is shake it or vacuum it.

The Pawkin cat litter mat only costs about $20 on Amazon and it has one of the best reviews around.

This mat has been reviewed by 2400 customers and 84 percent gave it a 5-star review and 10 percent gave it 4-stars, thus making this quite a good mat.

WooPet! Cat Litter Mat

The next mat reviewed here is the WooPet brand cat litter mat.

It is not as large as the other mats on this list of best cat litter mats, but it is efficient.

This mat simply slides under your cat litter box and it collects excess as it slips out.

The WooPet mat is designed to “collect” sand as your pet exits the box, similar to a vacuum.

This feature is great for trapping all sand as your cat exits and it truly can help to keep a tidy home.

It costs a reasonable $29 for the large mat and the jumbo is $36, which is not a large difference.

It is worth it to spend the extra money for the larger mat so that you can keep your home clean.

Over 380 customers have reviewed this cat litter mat and 79 percent have given it a 5-star review and 12 percent a 4-star rating.

Wangstar Cat Litter Mat

In order to have a thorough review of the best cat litter mats, I need to present all mats in a wide cost range.

For this reason, the Wangstar mat made the list.

It contains trapping material to collect sand from your cat, which is exactly what a cat litter mat should do.

It contains PVC material, but the good thing is it contains no BPA or phthalate material.

It is not the largest mat around, measuring about 15 x 12 inches, so keep this is a place where your cat is likely to step or consider purchasing multiple mats.

The best feature of this cat mat is that it costs $8 on Amazon, so consider this a reasonable cost-effective mat for your budget.

More than 100 customers have reviewed this mat and more than 67 percent have given it at least a 4-star review.

The Conclusion on the Best Cat Litter Mats Review

Making a choice on one of the best cat litter mats can be challenging, considering many of these mats have features that can benefit your home.

However, you should consider reviews, the cost on Amazon, as well as the overall features to make your decision.

There should be sufficient choices above to direct you to something that should suit your needs so consider any of the mats above.


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