Why are Dogs Better than Cats? Pawsibly The Ulti-mutt Debate

This is a very difficult debate ahead, but why are dogs better than cats?

For many people here, the debate could go either way and similarly, we at Super Whiskers love both dogs and cats.

Today, we are going to be looking at every aspect of each pet and what makes dogs truly better than cats.

Why are Dogs Better than Cats: The Debate

Listed ahead is a complete comparison between dogs and cats and why dogs simply take the supremacy in the pet world.

What are some of the reasons you think dogs are better?



In order to completely describe why are dogs better than cats, it is important to start with socialization, considering that many people already know that dogs are by far a better option in this category.

However, why are dogs better than cats in socialization?

For starters, dogs are considered to be pack animals, meaning they are better than cats when others are around (usually that is).

Given the pack nature of dogs, they are more likely to claim you and your family as one of their pack and for this they will remain true to you forever.

Since they will claim you as their pack, your bond with your dog will be a strong relationship that lasts.


Some may argue that cats are close-bonded animals as well and in fact, cats are quite cuddly.

However, dogs are better than cats in the socialization aspect simply because cats are not pack animals; they typically are independent.

While independence is something that some households enjoy, it doesn’t make them socialized animals and sometimes they don’t get along with their own breed.

Sorry for cat lovers out there, but dogs truly do win in this category.



If you desire a home that is clean and free of dirt and clutter, you may be thinking that a dog is messy.

Ok, we understand what you mean, but in all honesty, the little bit of dirt that your Lab drags into the house is nothing in comparison to the mess a cat makes.

For starters, cats do 100 percent of their potty indoors, which risks the chance of your home smelling like a toilet.

Dogs are typically trained to do their potty outdoors, which is nice for keeping odors in check inside.

Lastly, dogs throw up from time to time, and this is normal, but cats are known for throwing up hairballs, which are typically found in the middle of your floor upon arriving at home after work.

If you wanted an answer on why are dogs better than cats, then this is a big reason.


The tough news here for the cat lovers is that they are not very clean.

While they desire tidy litter boxes and sleeping quarters, cats drag litter sand throughout the house and are responsible for odors throughout the home as well.

There is one aspect that cats typically win when it comes to cleanliness and it is hair shedding.

Many dog breeds are known for shedding large amounts of hair whereas cats do not come anywhere close to this.

Even with this factored in, dogs still win.

Fitness Companion


This is by far one thing on why are dogs better than cats that you need to consider.

For starters, dogs make great fitness companions, considering they need to be walked, played with, and enjoy being active with you.

If you own a dog, chances are you have been active at some point with your animal; whether it is playing fetch or going on a walk, your dog has caused you to burn some calories.

Cat owners out there, there is absolutely no comparison here because cats typically do not cause you to be active in any way.


This is a weakness for the cat lovers out there, as cats are not the most playful with you.

Certainly, they do play, but it usually is not with you.

Perhaps the most involved play that you get from your cat is with a laser pointer, but again, your cat is getting more of the activity than you are.

If you desire a pet that needs to be active then you should consider a dog.

Service Pet


This is another category that dogs really get the gold medal, as there are service dogs for a number of reasons.

One of the most useful services that dogs provide is to the elderly.

Many dogs are considered service companion dogs and make great companions for older adults who are lonely.

In addition, dogs can be trained to be Seeing Eye dogs, police dogs, guard dogs, herd dogs, as well as actors.

These are simply some of the services that dogs provide and it helps to build a stronger companionship with humans.

Cats, on the other hand, do not perform as many services, although it could be argued that cats provide companionship for some people.


There is not much to state here, but cats do serve some companionship to the elderly and some for some single adults.

For this reason, some people would argue that cats provide services and should be considered service animals.

If you live in the desert Southwest region in the U.S., you could also argue that outdoor cats provide extermination services, as cats are known to kill and eat dangerous scorpions.

That is a pretty nice skill to have, but dogs certainly provide much more than cats in the services department.



One of the big reasons that people get dogs is because they are known for being protectors, even if they are small.

Dogs have a keen sense of protecting the household, which is why they bark at the door when they hear a noise or when the doorbell rings.

There are some dog breeds that are highly known for being protective so if you want a pet that can give you this then consider some of the stronger breeds.


In comparison to the strong nature of dogs, cats are not the protective type of animal.

Yes, many cats can lay down some damage in life or death situations, but they are not known for attacking humans in the face of adversity, such as when there is an attacker.

If protection is something you want from your pet then a cat is not going to cut it.

The winner goes to dogs here.

Selecting Sizes


Some people select a certain dog breed for its energy, size, and for its athletic ability.

This makes quite a good perk.

Some dogs can be quite large, reaching well over 150 pounds and then there are some dogs that can be as little as five pounds.

The selection is out there depending on the size you want, which is a harsh contrast to cats, where they usually come in one size.


There is no comparison when it comes to sizes between cats and dogs.

If you select a pet based only off its size, the good thing is you can find a dog to match the size of any cat.

However, you cannot match a cat up with the size of, let’s say, a Great Dane.

If you like options in size then dogs are certainly for you.



Some dogs have amazing abilities that cats simply cannot come close to meeting.

For starters, dogs can sense when you are ill with the flu and many will try to nurture you back to health.

In addition, some dogs have been trained to sniff out and detect certain cancers, which is quite amazing.

If this isn’t enough of a case, some dogs are even trained to be able to detect seizures well in advance.

This is pretty amazing when you consider what they are doing for your health and this is something that cats cannot match.


In the question why are dogs better than cats it is important to show why dogs truly are better.

While we at Super Whiskers love both dogs and cats, there is no comparison as to what cats offer to humans in health compared to dogs.

Cats can serve as companions in hard times, which can help to alleviate stress and anxiety.

However, this is pretty much it when it comes to health benefits for cats.



Chances are in your life with your pets you will change where you live or where you go.

Dogs are quite great when it comes to change and it does not take very long for them to adjust to new surroundings.

Sure they may show signs of not wanting to eat or loose stools, but this is simply a response to the stress of moving the home to a new place.

Within a small amount of time (sometimes as little as a day or two), dogs will claim their new surroundings as their pack’s home.

This is a stark difference to cats and is a big reason for why are dogs better than cats.


When comparing cats and dogs, cats typically are slower to adapt to change.

Usually, cats need more time when it comes to moving homes and when the change is adding another pet in the house, this can be a delicate situation.

This is usually why many cat owners have only one cat in the home, but then again, many cat owners have multiple cats and dogs without any ill consequences.

Many argue that cats could win in this category, but it is more likely that a dog will adjust to new surroundings easier and better than a cat.



Dog training is a vital part of introducing them into the lives of their pack, and this is the next reason on why are dogs better than cats.

Usually, dogs are trained the basics such as sit, lie down, roll over, fetch, and no.

However, training dogs can go much beyond these verbal commands.

Dogs are easily capable of being trained with dedication and hard work.

If you want your dog to stop eating your socks then the trick is to train them not to eat your socks.

If you want your dog to not jump on the couch then the key is to train the dog not to jump on the couch.

The training of your dog is endless depending on what you want to teach your dog; you just need to dedicate the time and effort and it will happen.


Many cat owners would argue that cats can be trained, but the difference is that dogs are trained easier.

Dogs typically can hold attention for a fair amount of time if you give them an incentive (such as a treat).

However, cats will stay engaged until they are no longer engaged and then walk away, thus ending the training session in the middle of your training.

Don’t get us wrong, you can train your cats to do fun tricks, but it may be a task to even get anything from your furry friend.



When it comes to why are dogs better than cats, it is easy to say that dogs are “man’s best friend” and perhaps a better term is “human’s best friend.”

There is a reason why this saying exists; it’s because dogs truly deliver the entire package when it comes to companionship.

For this reason, dogs are better than cats.


The case can be made that cats are a great companion, and they are, but overall no pet compares to the dog.

Cats are great cuddlers and they can remain in your lap for hours on end.

If a lap cat is something you desire then this is great, but the overall better package belongs to dogs.

The Conclusion on Why are Dogs Better than Cats

We hope you enjoyed the information presented above on why dogs are better than cats.

While Super Whiskers is friendly to both types of pets, dogs truly make the overall better pet than cats.

If you are looking to adopt a pet or add more to your home, consider both viable options and understand what each pet type has to offer before making a decision.


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  1. For myself, I say that dogs are better than cats because they are loyal, cute and playful. On the other hand, cats are quite lazy and don’t do anything. Dogs are my favourite animal and I hope you prefer dogs over cats😍😍🐶🐶

    1. Haha I love dogs too! But I also love cats haha. Cats overall are a lot easier to take care of and are more independent which can be a good and a bad thing

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