Why are Dogs so Loyal? – Grab some Pup-corn and let’s find out

Why are Dogs so Loyal

For any pet owner, especially dog owners, the question is raised as to why are dogs so loyal?

There is a reason that dogs are often referred to as “man’s best friend” and this is one big reason.

Today’s discussion, provided by Superwhiskers, is on why are dogs so loyal takes a look into what some of the most desirable traits of loyalty are, as well as what dog breeds have these traits.

In order to dive into the discussion of loyalty, it is important to first have a good knowledge of what loyalty is.

If you search for a simple definition, more than likely you will come across descriptions such as “supportive” or demonstrating attachment or commitment.

Most all dog breeds consistently demonstrate this feature, especially when you look into this from a commitment aspect.

Let’s look into what makes a dog loyal ahead.

Why are Dogs so Loyal and What are some Features of Loyalty

There are a wide range of reasons for a dog’s loyalty to humans (and other dogs for that matter) and listed ahead are some things that break down the topic in more detail.

They Need Humans

Many people have made the argument that dogs are some of the most loyal pets around because they depend greatly on humans.

The dependability ranges from feedings in the morning, potty training, grooming, daily walks, frequent watering, as well as socialization, so when it is put in this manner, yes dogs are dependent on humans.

However, is this the only reason as to why dogs are so darn loyal towards humans?

If you are basing your decision off of this rationale, you will be quickly stopped.

Compare dogs to an indoor cat and you shall have your answer.

Cats need humans to provide food, water, litter changes, and hygiene, but would you consider cats to be as loyal as a dog?

Generally speaking, cats are pretty independent animals and while some may be loyal to you, the harsh reality is they are independent animals.

For this reason, dogs are loyal, but not because they depend on humans for basic necessities.


One quality that dogs have that makes them amazing is that they are selfless, in virtually most parts of their life.

Aside from feeding, dogs typically do not crave very much for themselves and are not considered to be selfish.

The next time you are around your dog (or another dog), you may notice that the pup wants to play, socialize, or maybe interact with you.

This is so they can share the joy of play with you and it is a major reason why they are amazing.

Ok, so does selfless make dogs loyal?  In a sense no, but selflessness is a trait that can help to define loyalty.

Pack Animals

Perhaps the most defining feature of dogs being loyal is that they are wired to belong to a pack.

When you bring a dog home for the first time, there is a bit of an adjustment phase where the dog is scared and cries.

This typically goes away with time and they most likely adjust because the dog has claimed you and your family as one of their own pack members.

This is a direct reason why dogs are so loyal and they will stick with you until the end of time.

Feel honored because this is an intimate feature that dogs display.

So if you are looking for a definite answer to why are dogs so loyal, the best place to start is in their pack mentality.


One amazing thing about dogs is that they have been around humans for quite some time.

About a century ago, dogs served valuable and important roles on farms, where many dog breeds were used as herders and protectors for the farm.

Perhaps this is a reason why are dogs so loyal; they consider themselves as equals to humans since they once had careers and not as a different species.

The fact that dogs played valuable roles on farms only underscores how important they were to the family dynamic many years ago before machines and electronics came into the picture.

They Truly Want to Make you Happy

Dogs are generally happy pets (for the most breeds) and they will go to great lengths to please you.

Whether they are rewarded with a treat or not, dogs learn commands, play fetch, and aim to obey your commands because they want to make you happy.

This may have an element of respect, but it is a major reason why are dogs are so loyal.

Earning the respect and trust of a dog is typically not very difficult, but once you are inherited as your dog’s pack member, they will go to great lengths to make you happy.

The next time your dog does a nice trick or obeys a command, make sure to give it the praise it deserves.

Why are Dogs so Loyal: A Look into Loyal Breeds

Now that you have some basic information as to why dogs are loyal, now is the time to explore some of the dog breeds that are generally considered to be most loyal.

Now, this is an informal listing, as all dogs, regardless of breed, can display great loyalty at any given time.


In case you may be wondering, the Collie breed is the type of dog that played “Lassie” on the TV show.

While this is not the deciding criteria for determining loyal dog breeds, “Lassie” demonstrated just exactly what this breed can do (realistically that is).

Throughout the show, Lassie demonstrated loyalty by helping little Timmy when something happened.

While this is an extreme case, you should have the idea that Collie breeds are quite loyal.

German Shepherd

There is no other dog breed that comes to mind when you first think of a loyal dog.

After all, German Shepherds are known for being protection dogs, police dogs, and special force animals, all of whom typically share a special bond with their companions (humans).

If you are looking for a truly loyal breed with a history of excellence then the German Shepherd should be atop the list for sure.

St. Bernard

The St. Bernard is a large and friendly dog breed that is known for its loyalty with humans.

They were once known to be guard and rescue dogs for individuals/travelers stuck in snow.

It is amazing to say that this dog breed certainly will stick by your side (and strangers for that matter) when times are rough and when you need help.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador retriever, known as a lab, is one of the most common household dogs around and they define loyalty in many aspects of daily life.

They make for active companions who love to play with you and they will certainly be by your side at night when you need a little warmth.

It is safe to say that a lab is a great choice if you want a loyal companion around your house.


The boxer breed is widely known informally by many as being hyper, energetic, as well as dumb.

However, boxers are more than this and they actually are quite smart.

They enjoy being active so they make a true loyal playmate whenever you need.

Boxers are quick on their feet and make excellent guard dogs for you and the family, which demonstrates one aspect of loyalty.

If energetic, intelligence, and loyalty is something you look for in a dog then a boxer is a good option.

The Conclusion on Why are Dogs so Loyal

If owning pets that you can grow a close bond with is important then a dog may be a great choice for your household.

For starters, dogs are known for being loyal, which is a strong trait that describes a commitment.

Many people make the argument that dogs rely heavily on humans for many reasons pertinent to life, which is true, but this is hardly the case as to why dogs are loyal.

Also, when you closely examine the history and evolution of dogs, it is easy to see why they are loyal.

Dogs evolved from wolves, which are notorious pack animals.

Even though the evolution has led to dogs as being locked up indoors in the house, they still are pack animals and that pack trait is what drives them towards your affection.

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