How To Transport Your Pet

How To Transport Your Pet

Okay, so you’ve planned the holiday and you’ve packed everything up.

And now what? You are not sure how you’re supposed to transport your pet.

The good news is that there are a large variety of alternatives.

You might need to experiment a little before you find something that is comfortable for both you and your pet.

Before you purchase a carrier/ crate/ stroller, take into consideration where you are traveling to and your pet’s needs.



If you’re traveling by car, it is imperative to place your dog’s carrier in the area that is reserved for the passengers’ feet.

Alternatively, if your dog is large, put his carrier in the trunk.

Using a carrier in the car is the only way to guarantee the maximum safety to your dog.

However, if this is the first time that your dog is traveling in a career,  don’t expect him to feel comfortable in his new kennel immediately.

So what should you do? Before you leave, allow your pet to familiarize with his new ‘home.’

There are different types of carriers made out of different materials. For example, collapsible carriers are very convenient and practical.

Although many believe the contrary, collapsible pet carriers are very durable and are mostly used by travelers because they can be easily folded and kept in the suitcase.

Moreover, there exist a variety of ways in which you can use a carrier. Here are a few examples:

Your dog can travel with you by plane.

However, the carrier must respect the size requirements to be in the cabin.

It is essential not to choose a large pet carrier because if its dimensions are excessive, you could have problems.

For example, an excessively large carrier can create difficulties when boarding because it may exceed the standard dimensions for transport in the cabin area, forcing you and your four-legged friend to travel separately.

Before you purchase a carrier, check with your airline what sizes are permitted.

It will also not be possible to open the carrier during the trip.

So, to prevent the dog from carrying out his needs inside the carrier, it is advisable to take the dog for a walk outside the airport, and not to give him food before the trip.

Bicycle Carrier:

If you love cycling and if you love the idea of taking your furry friend on a stroll with you, you can use a pet carrier explicitly made for bicycles.

Car Carrier

For safety reasons, they are compulsory.

In fact, driving can be dangerous, and without a carrier, your pet could get hurt during a curve.

There are different types of carriers: small dogs can either opt for a fabric or metal carrier; whereas large dogs must purchase a specific carrier that can fit into the trunk.

If you have a big dog, make sure you measure the size of your car’s trunk to buy a carrier that can fit.

Most pet carriers are made of aluminum, equipped with a solid safety lock, practical carrying handles, large ventilation grilles, two-way sliding door, double storage compartment, and a hygienic rug.

There also exist models that are specifically designed for two dogs: these carriers have two separate doors and are also very useful.

Carriers For Big Dogs

Carriers For Big Dogs

Large-sized pet carriers are suitable for breeds such as:

The length of the ideal carrier for large dogs is about 105 cm and can carry around 30-40 kilograms.

Most models made for large dogs are rigid: they are either made of plastic or aluminum.

Such carriers are designed to ensure sturdiness and safety, as well as comfort in order to allow your dog to move around without getting in your way while you’re driving.

If you prefer to save some money you can opt to purchase a carrier from outlets or you can buy a second-hand one on websites such as E-Bay or Amazon.

You can find great deals without spending too much money.

Carriers For Small And Medium Dogs

Carriers For Small and Medium Dogs

A medium-sized pet carrier is suitable for breeds such as:

This type of carrier is usually around 90 cm long and can carry between 18- 30 kilograms.

There exist a variety of carriers for dogs that are not too big. In fact, you can opt for a carrier purse, a stroller, or a trolley.

Crates, on the other hand, are usually made of plastic, wicker (which are prohibited on the plane), and metal.

It is necessary to choose a crate with a size that is adequate for your dog.

Your pet will feel fine as long as he has enough space to lie down and sit.

Furthermore, when you travel by car, it is always a good idea to have a bowl and some water to keep your dog hydrated.

This is essential if you are traveling long distances: dehydration can be a threat that you should not underestimate.

Also, before departure, make sure your pet is wearing his collar pendant so he can be recognized in case he runs away.

Collar pendants are small: they come in different shapes and can also be customized.

Overview Of The Variety Of Kennels:

Carrier Purses, Strollers, And Trolleys

If you are traveling by plane, there are some rules that you need to follow. Let’s check them out together.

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