What Should I Pack In My Pet’s Luggage?

What Should I Pack In My Pet’s Luggage

The long-awaited day has finally arrived – it is time to go on vacation!

If you’ve decided to take your dog on holiday with you, make sure that you also pack his suitcase.

Don’t forget the essentials: make a list of everything you might need.

Realizing that you have forgotten something important can compromise your vacation, especially if it’s the first time your pet comes with you.

Traveling With Your Pet: Things Not To Forget

Traveling With Your Pet Things Not To Forget

Here is a quick and useful list of things you need while traveling with your pet:

Three bowls: one for food, one for water (an extra bowl can always be helpful!).
His food: your dog can quickly get stressed when he changes his habits. As a consequence, make sure you provide him with the correct type and amount of food since he could manifest gastrointestinal disorders due to the traveling and dietary change. Such symptoms could occur if the dog suddenly changes his alimentation. Don’t forget to also bring snacks and biscuits that your pet likes. Whilst traveling, you may not always find the food brands he is used to. Therefore, there is a possibility that your dog may become picky or may lose his appetite.
Snacks to clean his teeth: even if he’s on vacation, make sure he doesn’t forget his good habits.
A reflective vest for your dog to wear in case of an accident.
Personal medicines: if the dog suffers from behavioral issues and is in therapy, don’t forget his medicines at home.
Take at least one bone for each day of vacation.
His favorite ball, some toys, and a kong.
A kennel with a cover and a soft mattress. This will make it easier for your dog to get used to his new life. In fact, keep in mind that although it is a holiday for you, it is not the same for your pet. Your dog does not know he is on vacation, so help him feel at ease by providing him with the things he cares about (otherwise, the journey will only be a source of stress for him).
Make sure to pack a raincoat if you’re traveling to a rainy place.
Take a retractable leash, a standard leash, a collar, a harness, and a muzzle.
Don’t forget your pet’s beauty case with a brush, a toothbrush and a toothpaste for cleaning his teeth, shampoo, dry shampoo, and sunscreen. Yes, even dogs wear sunscreen. It is especially useful for those who love being in the sun or those who have hairless skin and can get burned easily.
Always carry with you: your dog’s Health Certificate, two collapsible bowls (one useful for food and the other for water), a water bottle, and small plastic bags.

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