How Often Should you Bathe a Cat? It’s not too Purr-plexing

How Often Should you Bathe a Cat

Bathing is a necessary task that humans need to do often, but one raises the question as to how often should you bathe a cat?

After all, cats are mammals and they relate in this manner to humans, but bathing is something that many new cat owners (and even seasoned veterans) are confused about.

When you care for your cat, you need to pay extra attention to grooming such as the nails, hair length, as well as their cleanliness.

The only way to maintain the cleanliness and grooming of your cat, it is essential that you performing regular bathing.

At Superwhiskers, we want to promote the best hygiene for you and your cat.

Let’s take a closer look ahead as to how often should you bathe a cat.

How Often Should you Bathe A Cat: The Basics of Hygiene

Grooming your cat is something you need to pay attention to, otherwise, it could affect the wellness of your cat, not to mention your cat may be upset at their dirty appearance (seriously).

They have hair just as humans do and they also contain skin underneath that hair, so wouldn’t it be appropriate to groom and bathe your cat as often as you bathe yourself?

There are some differing views out there as to what needs to be done, but the consensus is that regular bathing should be utilized for many reasons, but not as often as humans bathe.

Before jumping into how often should you bathe a cat, it is important to discuss the potential benefits of regular bathing.

Listed below are some of the most important reasons to bathe your cat.


This is quite obvious, but it needs to be mentioned.

Your cat has fur and skin that is exposed to the outdoors, indoors, as well as the environment, meaning they are likely to attract soil, soot, dirt, leaves, and whatever you can find.

You may be thinking, “don’t cats clean themselves with their tongue?”

They do and they don’t and this is the reason to bathe them.

When a cat self-cleans, they do not pick up everything that is needed.

However, with the bathing process, your cat can eliminate the mess and it can even help to shred some of the bigger clumps from their hair as well.

Prevent Critters

Since most cats have a fair amount of fur, they are at risk of fleas.

Regularly cleaning your cat can help to decrease this risk, especially if you utilize a special flea-preventing shampoo.

This is quite a good advantage and it can surely help to eliminate some distress that your cat could get from fleas.

Stop Shedding

Perhaps one of the biggest downsides of owning a cat is the amount of shedding that occurs.

But what can you do about the excessive hair that clings to your clothes?

Usually, nothing and it is just something you live with, but there is some benefit in bathing your cat for reducing and preventing shedding.

Consider brushing your cat’s hair during the bathing process to help eliminate shedding.

In addition, regular bathing can help to promote thicker and healthier hair, so hopefully, it does not fall out as often as before.

Reduce Dandruff and Improve Hair Health

Just as you do when you bathe, you may use a shampoo that helps to prevent dandruff, also known as dry scalp.

Cats experience this same thing when bathing is infrequent or never, and while it is not a danger to your cat’s health, you can help to prevent this.

A hydrating formula can help to improve your cat’s coat by preventing drying and flaking from occurring.

Take extra caution as too much bathing can cause dry skin under the cat’s fur and this can cause more dandruff as a result.

How Often Should you Bathe a Cat: An In-Depth Look

Now that you have a little insight into some of the benefits of regularly bathing your cat, now is the time to establish the frequency with which you should bathe your cat.

Take into consideration some of your cat’s regular activities.

Do they stay indoors every day, all day?

Does your cat wander outdoors as they desire?

How old is your cat and do they have any joint issues?

These questions are vital for determining how often should you bathe a cat.

If your cat remains indoors often and generally does not go outdoors very much then chances are you should consider bathing them less frequently.

If your cat is an outdoor cat or wanders often outdoors then you may want to consider more frequent cleanings.

Lastly, if your cat is older or suffers from a joint condition (such as feline arthritis) then it is wise to bathe often.

Generally speaking, most cats with joint issues cannot effectively clean the entire body since they lose much of their mobility to the disease process, which leaves many areas dirty.

How Often Should you Bathe a Cat: The Conclusion

Use the information above as a guide for cleaning your cat and consider making a regular point to bathe your cat.

How often should you bathe a cat?

For starters, consider once per month as a general rule of thumb, but consider the factors that are involved.

If your cat wanders outside often, consider every other week cleanings.

If they remain indoors, consider once per month or even every other month.

If your cat is older or suffers from a joint condition then consider every other week as needed.

Chances are you will pick up on a good schedule and your cat should be appreciative of what you are helping them with.

Some cats do not respond well with bathing techniques, so consider making the process stress-free and an enjoyable moment.

Some cat owners make good use of do-it-yourself pet cleaners to make it an enjoyable experience and if you want to dish out a little more money then consider utilizing professional groomers that can also trim nails.

Where to Start From Here

Now that you have the information you need about your cat’s hygiene, you need to find a shampoo that fits well for your cat.

Make sure to check all shampoo labels so ensure the safety of use on your cat and consider using a delicate cleanser that will not irritate your cat’s skin.

Lastly, if you have any doubt on your selection then you should consult with your vet.

If you are interested in more information about cats, consider checking out my site here.




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