The Best Probiotic for Your Pet

Gut health matters…A LOT. And not just for us humans. Maintaining Fido’s digestive health can keep him living a long, happy, healthy life.

Your dog’s gut is filled with billions of microbes–basically bacteria and yeast–to help their body function right. These microbes have so many important jobs like:

  • Fighting disease
  • Breaking down and digesting food
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • And making vitamins and minerals

Just like with humans, if the microbes get out of balance, your dog may have some health challenges. Think about it. If your dog eats grass, or other non-food items (lose a shoe, anyone?!), then your pup could have negatively impacted their gut health!

Some signs of an imbalance include:

  • Non-stop scratching
  • Unusual smell
  • Dry, flaky skin
  • Loss of appetite
  • Excessive shedding (especially when out of season)
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Allergies
  • Ear infections 

Poor gut health can also mean other problems for your pooch. Allergies, a dull coat, skin conditions, lethargy, and a whole host of other medical issues can be caused by a bad gut. Make sure you bring your dog to the vet to make sure there isn’t anything serious happening and that probiotics might be right for you.

Really, it’s a good idea to keep your dog’s gut in balance with the best dog probiotic to help prevent any (or all) of these issues.

What’s the best product for dog diarrhea?

There’s a lot of products on the market. I can tell you what worked for me. My 3-year-old Doberman, Karla, has a bad habit of eating everything she shouldn’t. Karla has eaten everything from sticks, leaves to even stuffing out of her toys.

Karla often ended up going to the vet for a “cleaning out”. The treatment Karla underwent during her “cleaning out” was lengthy and hard on her body. I asked my vet about an over the counter solution because the price of the prescribed medicine was out of my budget.

My vet said to use something like Purina’s Fortiflora supplement box in the meantime but if Karla gets worse to come back. I read many of the reviews and decided to give the product a try. And “oh my dog,” I am so happy to see Karla getting back to health!!

Karla has been on this product for a couple of weeks and I can see that it has helped her tummy heal. She seems satisfied with a full belly after her meals and stools are more regular and consistent.

She is only about 60 pounds and I feed her twice daily. I gave her half a packet in the morning and the other half at night during the first week.

Now Karla is only getting half a packet each morning. I feel as if this product has helped get my little darlin’ back to her normal bowel habits. Fortiflora has helped Karla heal after her cleanse from the vet. I can finally say, now my pooch is back to her old self.

My dog is constipated. How can I help?

Being backed up is a terrible experience. It creates so much discomfort and even agony. Dogs can get backed up, especially if they need a little more variety and fiber in their diets. Glandex soft chews have a unique blend of fibers to break down bulky and firm stools. It also promotes the natural emptying every time your pup goes potty.

These chews are the only supplement that addresses all the underlying causes of dog constipation that I’ve seen. It works from the inside out to help keep your pup’s bottom safe and bowels easy to pass. I especially like it because it’s vet-approved!

What should I do about my pet’s allergies?

Allergies are terrible–for dogs AND humans. Allergies can create itching, to the point where a dog may start to break the skin or chew their footpads until they bleed. It’s horrible to watch.

But did you know dog allergies can be reduced and sometimes eliminated by balancing out the gut?

For picky dogs or dogs with sensitive tummies, Nusentia’s enzyme miracle is awesome. It’s seriously the best over-the-counter, allergy option I’ve been able to find.

I especially like it because it’s gentle on the digestive tract. It can help with yeast issues, skin fungus, and a foul odor. It’s a true miracle worker! It will aid in restoring a beautiful coat and getting rid of any blisters or other issues that have popped up due to poor gut health. It’s formulated to work on dogs AND cats, so one container can help all your four-legged family members.

What can I do to protect my pet’s stomach?

All pets are different. Because there are billions of gut microbes, dog probiotics can have any number of different strains in the supplement. It may not be the best idea though to flood your pup’s digestive tract with as many as possible. A few key strains of healthy gut bacteria may be all you need!

My neighbor Cindy has a 6-year-old lab named Roxy. They recently returned from a long trip down to Florida. Roxy wasn’t used to being in the car for that long and it was pretty stressful for her. Poor thing! She started having some digestive issues and Cindy wanted to know if I knew of anything that might help Roxy feel more like herself again.

I did a little research and found Provable-DC. Cindy ordered a month’s supply and started giving it to Roxy. Soon after starting the dog probiotic, Roxy was playing in the backyard, enjoying her walks and feeling more like herself again.

Cindy broke open the capsules and sprinkled the powder inside Roxy’s food. Roxy eagerly ate it, so I don’t think it had any gross taste for her. I think it’s definitely worth a try if your dog is having any signs of digestive imbalance.

And you know what’s really cool? The probiotic is good for dogs of any breed or size AND cats. Because it only has 7 strains of probiotics, it won’t overflood the gut with unnecessary bacteria and help balance out the system. It’s really the best all-in-one I found for cats and dogs!

Are prebiotics also helpful for my dog?

Absolutely! Prebiotics are fibers that help in the digestion process. Probiotics are living bacteria. Some pets need help with both of these to stay healthy.

If no underlying conditions are causing your dog’s foul odor, bad breath, constipation or other GI issues, a pre and probiotic like the Nutri-Vet Pre and Probiotic Soft Chews for Dogs can go a long way. These tasty soft chews are a great complement to regular preventative vet care.

They are especially powerful in bad breath! I love snuggling with my dog Karla, but, if her breath is really bad, I can’t snuggle for too long. It’s almost unbearable. A few days of the Nutri-Vet’s does the trick. 

My dog is a SUPER picky eater but needs a probiotic. What should I try?

Oh, I’ve been there! Growing up, we had a pug that was such a fussy eater. Even when we found a dog food that he liked and met his dietary needs, his tastes would change. My mom would get so frustrated.

Picky eaters who need some support with bowel movements need probiotics too. Premium Cares’ soft chews make handling your dog’s gut health easier than ever. They are gobbled up like treats AND don’t have any fillers like some supplements. Plus I really like them since they avoid artificial colors and other unhealthy ingredients. They are pawsome!

Is there a supplement I can give my dog that does it all for gut health?

Looking for the best of all worlds? With fibers, prebiotics, probiotics, AND enzymes, Bernie’s Perfect Poop has it all. It is the pawfect blend of all-good-things for dog guts! It’s a cult favorite because it not only fixes short-term problems like constipation but it also heals the gut so a pup doesn’t have to suffer from allergies, poor sleep, messed up hormones, or even depression.

Can I fix my dog’s tummy issues with food?

Yes! In fact, making sure you give Rover a balanced meal will help prevent many diseases and make aging an easier process. Health starts in the gut.

Purina’s pro-plan dry mix has probiotics in it. Meaning, if you don’t have time to wrestle with Rover to take a probiotic, or don’t want to mess with powers, you can still make sure he gets his probiotics. Loaded with fatty acids and essential vitamins and minerals, this dog food is a go-to for restoring and maintaining gut health.

It is the best daily food on the market that I’ve found with a probiotic.  My Karla will eat it from time to time. I like to switch up her diet to make sure she’s eating well and doesn’t suffer from food boredom. I even sneak her some vegetables from time to time since dogs are omnivores.

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